Chinese parents win netizens’ hearts after transforming truck cabin into ‘princess bedroom’ for their daughter

Chinese parents win netizens’ hearts after transforming truck cabin into ‘princess bedroom’ for their daughter
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
August 24, 2022
A mother and father from Qujing, a city in China’s Yunnan province, have captured the attention of Chinese social media users for transforming their coal freight truck cabin into a “princess bedroom” so that their daughter can travel with them on the road.
The mother, only identified by the surname Hu, posted a video of her trucker husband and their 4-year-old daughter on Douyin earlier this month.
Hu shares that she and her husband, both aged 24, decided to bring their daughter along with them in their truck during her time off from school.
My daughter is four years old, and she is very thoughtful,” Hu says, as translated by South China Morning Post. “Her father and I decided to take advantage of her summer vacation to take her out to experience life.”
She also enjoys being on the road because she finds everything in the outside world new and interesting,” Hu adds.
In the viral video, which has already garnered more than 110 million views on Weibo, Hu’s husband can be seen driving while their daughter sleeps in their truck’s cabin decorated to look like a “princess bedroom.” Their truck’s interior is adorned with adorable decorations, from stuffed toys on the dashboard to curtains fit for a traveling princess.
According to Hu, who is also a trucker, their daughter usually stays with her grandmother.
My husband and I began driving heavy trucks when we were 20 years old, and it has been four years since then,” she shares. “We barely have enough time to spend with our child.”
Hu also shares that their daughter is “very familiar” with riding in a truck as she was born into a family of truckers, beginning with Hu’s father-in-law.
Hu’s videos became popular and widely shared on Douyin, with several outlets re-sharing the family’s adventures. Responding to questions from fans, Hu wrote: “We are 24 years old, not too young or too old; we cannot make everyone happy, but we will continue to work hard to make our little home better and better and our parents and child happy.”
Some social media users praised the couple for being “caring and loving,” while another person wrote, “Where the parents are is home.”
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