Best Dad Ever Takes Daughter on Epic 71-Day Bike Ride Across China

Best Dad Ever Takes Daughter on Epic 71-Day Bike Ride Across ChinaBest Dad Ever Takes Daughter on Epic 71-Day Bike Ride Across China
A single father in China is being praised online for taking his daughter on a 71-day bicycle trip across the country for her fourth birthday.
Dou Haobei and his daughter, Doudou, took off from Dongguan, a city in Guangdong Province, China on April 2, according to CGTN.
The 26-year-old father, who went through a divorce in 2019, pedaled from their home city to Lhasa, Tibet. They went through different terrains along a scenic route with mountains, forests and lakes as the girl rode in a carriage bought and installed by her father, South China Morning Post reported.
Riding an Aventon electric bike or even a traditional one is a great way to travel and make special memories with your family. This father and daughter tandem proves just that.
“I like traveling with a bicycle. I find it more meaningful,” Haobei said. “It represents life – you may find something very difficult to overcome, but if you go step by step, keep pedaling and never give up, you can reach your destination.”
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The duo travels around 8-9 hours a day and sometimes through the night, which Haobei described as unforgettable.
“When we were at Erhai Lake, there were many stars in the sky,” he said. “Doudou seldom sees stars. As I was riding, she kept singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.’ We were delighted. That was a highlight.”
Neither snow nor rain stopped Haobei and Doudou from traveling.
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“I never thought of giving up,” he said. “It wasn’t that challenging. My daughter wasn’t tired because she just sat in the carriage. The father-daughter time we spent together made her happy.”
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Haobei said he wants his daughter to explore the world with him instead of looking at them in textbooks.
“I hope that her childhood won’t be limited to textbooks or the world portrayed in drawings,” he said. “Nowadays, kids in urban areas rarely see stars. If I take her to the countryside, she will realize that stars do not appear only in books. Snowy mountains, blue skies, white clouds – these are all things she can see with her own eyes.”
bicycle trip
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Haobei plans to take his daughter on even more adventures, but they may not be a long one like their trip to Lhasa.
“We may not go for a road trip again, but we will take shorter ones,” he said. “I want to take her to the north, to see snow.”
Images Screenshot via South China Morning Post
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