Chinese mother goes on TV to beg vlogger daughter with 6 cats to ‘find a job and a man’

Chinese mother goes on TV to beg vlogger daughter with 6 cats to ‘find a job and a man’Chinese mother goes on TV to beg vlogger daughter with 6 cats to ‘find a job and a man’
Rebecca Moon
August 2, 2022
An “extremely worried” mother in China turned to a local TV station to help her 38-year-old daughter, who is single, unemployed and living with six stray cats.
The 70-year-old woman, surnamed Zhang, appeared on Chongqing TV and explained that her daughter had graduated from a top university and was previously employed in Beijing and Shanghai. Several years ago, the daughter quit her job and moved back home to Chongqing of southwestern China, reported Chongqing TV
Zhang stated that her daughter has been unemployed for six years and spends most of her time uploading videos of her cats to social media, adding that her daughter has not been in a relationship since she graduated from university. 
“My husband and I are extremely worried about her situation. We can’t eat or sleep well,” Zhang told Chongqing TV.
Since the daughter has moved back to her hometown, Zhang and her husband bought her an apartment and have been supporting their daughter financially. They recently discovered, however, that she had sold the apartment without informing them. She currently resides in an apartment located near her parents’ home. 
Zhang expressed that she does not understand her daughter’s life choices and often cries about her situation. She explained that she tried to convince her daughter to find a job and a boyfriend, but the daughter refused.  
“She picked up these stray cats and lives with them. Does she plan to rely on those cats for the rest of her life?” Zhang stated. “It’s a big headache for me and my husband. We have to bear this emotional pain by ourselves and cannot share it with our friends because it is an embarrassing matter for us.”
The daughter was interviewed over the phone and stated that her mother’s generation has a hard time understanding the younger generation’s mindset.
“The old generation has a different mindset from the younger generation. I have tried to communicate with her. But do you think I can persuade her?” the daughter told Chongqing TV. 
Although the daughter is not currently earning any income as a pet vlogger, she believes that she will be capable of financially supporting herself in the future. She added that she is not worried about being single and is not desperate to get into a relationship. 
“I will not force myself to accept a relationship that I don’t really like. If I happen to meet Mr. Right, it’s OK. I won’t join any blind date activities,” the daughter stated. 
Although the daughter disagrees with her parents’ opinions, she expressed that she still respects them and visits them regularly. 
The TV interview has garnered more than 10 million views and 363,000 likes since being uploaded to Weibo on Saturday. 
Featured Image via Weibo
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