Chinese man sobs after stepdaughter finally calls him ‘dad’ in viral video

Chinese man sobs after stepdaughter finally calls him ‘dad’ in viral videoChinese man sobs after stepdaughter finally calls him ‘dad’ in viral video
A Chinese man was left in tears after his stepdaughter finally called him “dad.”
The heartwarming moment was filmed in the family’s home in northern China’s Hubei province and was shared on the family’s Douyin channel on Tuesday.
The video has so far garnered over 100 million views on Weibo and more than 7.7 million views on Douyin.
In the video, the man, surnamed Feng, can be seen bonding with his wife Lu and their children.
Feng and his stepdaughter are shown signing a piece of paper before exchanging a toast.
The girl, who is Lu’s daughter from a previous marriage, suddenly calls Feng “dad,” bringing the man to tears.
Speaking to Star Video, Lu explained that she married Feng four years ago and has been living with him ever since.
Feng reportedly grew more concerned about his stepdaughter not addressing him as “dad” after a friend told him that his own stepchild started calling him “dad” after one year.
Feng initially aimed to have his stepdaughter call him “dad” within a month, but his plan failed.
Lu eventually saw a way to help Feng after their daughter asked him to buy snacks for her.
Lu created an agreement for her husband and daughter and filmed it for their family’s Douyin channel.
Can you two take up this challenge?” Lu can be heard asking the girl. “If you call him ‘dad,’ he will buy you snacks every day for 40 days, with different snacks each day, OK?”
Both father and daughter sign the document Lu made, and the girl calls Feng “dad.”
“What? What did you say?” a tearful Feng can be heard asking, before the girl says “dad” again. He can be seen attempting to reach for her, presumably to give her an embrace, but she appears to move away.
Lu told Star Video that Feng has “been waiting for this moment for too long” and “felt all his efforts were worth it.”
Featured Image via 路叁月
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