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Chinese man accused of stabbing Nigerian ex-girlfriend to death gets Chinese food in prison

  • Geng Quanrong, 47, will be served Chinese food while in Nigerian custody for the murder of his ex-girlfiend, Ummukulsum “Ummita” Buhari, on Sept. 16.
  • Under Nigerian law, an imprisoned foreigner must be fed with their native food.
  • The textile businessman barged into Buhari’s home in Janbulo quarters, Kano state, and repeatedly stabbed her with a knife, the victim’s mother claimed.
  • Kano police charged Geng with culpable homicide last Wednesday, but the court held that it lacked the jurisdiction to entertain the case.
  • Geng is expected to appear before a competent court for his arraignment.

Geng Quanrong, a Chinese man charged in Nigeria for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, will be served Chinese food in prison, authorities confirmed.

The textile businessman, 47, made headlines in the past week after being arrested for the crime, which occurred in the victim’s shared home in Janbulo quarters, Kano state, on Sept. 16.

Possible suspect in death of Chinese food delivery worker once raged about duck sauce, restaurant owner says

fatal shooting queens

A man being investigated in connection with the fatal shooting of a Chinese food delivery worker in Queens on Saturday has had a series of “increasingly disturbing encounters” in the deceased’s workplace since late last year, according to the restaurant’s owner.

Zhiwen Yan, 45, was shot to death on Saturday night while making a delivery near 108th St. and 67th Dr. in Forest Hills. Surveillance video shows the moment shots were fired.

TikTok user explains why some Chinese restaurants are closed on Tuesdays

Chinese takeaways close Tuesdays
  • TikTok user Kim Chi has recently amassed thousands of views for answering the question, “Why are Chinese takeaways shut on Tuesday?”
  • “A lot of Chinese people who knew each other arranged to meet up on Tuesdays as a day off, and that’s what they would do to catch up and make plans,” Kim, whose family owns several Chinese restaurants in Glasgow, Scotland, said in her video.
  • In the U.S., some Chinese restaurants close on Mondays instead. Some believe it has something to do with traffic since Mondays are reportedly considered one of the slowest days of the week.
  • Others argue that local Chinese restaurants are not able to receive their fresh produce deliveries on Sundays, which is why it makes sense to close shop on Mondays.
  • One anonymous user from Answerbag believes that closing on Tuesdays has a superstitious belief behind it: “It's because we Chinese people are very superstitious and according to this legend, dragons come to our restaurant to eat on Tuesdays!”

A TikTok user has recently amassed thousands of views for explaining why some Chinese takeaway restaurants are closed on Tuesdays.

Kim Chi, whose family owns several takeaway restaurants in Glasgow, Scotland, responded to a TikTok follower’s question about why some Chinese takeaway restaurants are closed on Tuesdays.

Lawyer attempted to discredit R. Kelly accuser in court by bringing up MSG in Chinese food

R. Kelly uses MSG as a way to discredit accuser

Singer R. Kelly’s defense lawyer reportedly tried to discredit one of his accusers in the singer’s ongoing sexual assault case by putting the blame on monosodium glutamate (MSG).

The testimony: Robert Kelly’s lawyer Deveraux L. Cannick made the unexpected comment on Thursday in response to the testimony of a woman identified only as “Sonja.” She is the eighth accuser to take the stand against Kelly on sex crimes and racketeering charges, reported the New York Times.

White Woman Opens ‘Clean’ Chinese Restaurant to Replace ‘Oily’ and ‘Salty’ Cuisine

Lucky Lee

Lucky Lee’s, a restaurant in West Village, New York City, has been accused of racism and cultural appropriation hours after its opening of a “clean” Chinese cuisine that replaces traditional methods of preparation.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Arielle Haspel, the nutritionist who opened Lucky Lee’s on Monday, reportedly claimed that her Chinese dishes are alternatives to the “oily” and “salty” cuisine that makes people “feel bloated and icky the next day.”

‘Bizarre Foods’ Host Fired After Calling Chinese Restaurants in the Midwest ‘Horsesh*t’

Andrew Zimmern, a celebrity chef and host of “Bizarre Foods” on the Travel Channel, has reportedly been fired following calling Midwest Chinese-American restaurants “horsesh*t.”

Sources close to the matter confirmed to Page Six that filming on “Bizarre Foods” and its sister show, “The Zimmern List,” have both been canceled midseason.

Is ‘Chop Suey’ Chinese or American Food?

It’s a popular belief that the iconic mixed vegetable and meat dish smothered in a starch-thickened sauce known as “chop suey” is actually American in origin instead of Chinese. But does this assumption actually hold water?

Widely believed to have been invented by Chinese Americans living in America, chop suey’s origins have sparked numerous conversations, debates, and, fortunately, some actual research. The beloved dish has way too many conflicting stories of origin that food historian Alan Davidson called “a prime example of culinary mythology”, which is said to be typical of popular foods.

Armed Thieves Try Robbing Chinese Food Delivery Driver, Immediately Regrets It

Three armed robbery suspects messed with the wrong Chinese food delivery driver, who opened fire at the group after he was ambushed while doing his job in Florida.

The victim, a delivery driver working at Hot Wok in Jacksonville, told police that he was delivering an order on W. Arancio Drive on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. when two men answered the door carrying a gun, Action News Jax reported.