White People Eating Chinese Food Video is an Epic Face Palm

White People Eating Chinese Food Video is an Epic Face Palm
Ryan General
December 11, 2018
Asian food doesn’t really take much of an effort to appreciate and enjoy, but somehow, there are still some non-Asians who might need some lessons, especially on how to dine as we do.
Take the case, for example, of this group of diners who ordered a Chinese full-course meal.
Instead of eating each meal in portions and sharing them as a group, each of them took one dish and ate them individually.  
The reaction of the one Asian person at the table sums up most of our feelings about it.
The unintentionally hilarious moment was captured on video and is now widely circulated on Chinese social media.  

Facebook user Jackie Tang recently shared a clip sourced from FB group Subtle Asian Traits on her page and has since generated over 750,000 views, 10,000 shares and thousands of reactions.
Netizens at the comment section can’t help but feel sorry for the sole Asian woman who watched silently as the diners helped themselves to dishes that are apparently prepared for a group of 4-5 people.
“That mom’s face!” said a commenter.
“That’s the best part,” Tang acknowledged.
“Look at her looking at that fish longingly,” another one chimed in.
“That Asian lady was so shocked she couldn’t believe her eyes nor can she utter a single word,” one user noted. “Those 7 to 8 different dishes laid at the center of the round table were supposed to be shared!”
Perhaps moving forward, we should look to help our non-Asian friends out when treating them to our food.
Featured image via Facebook/Jackie Trang
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