Italian and Japanese food the most popular cuisines on Instagram, study says

Italian and Japanese food the most popular cuisines on Instagram, study says
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Iris Jung
April 20, 2023
Italian, Japanese, Indian, Korean and Mexican cuisines are the most popular cuisines on Instagram worldwide, according to a recent study.
Published on The Picky Eater by board-certified health coach Anjali Shah on April 2, the study was conducted by analyzing Instagram hashtags used in the 50 most-visited cities in the world, cited by travel blog Govisity in 2022, and Foursquare data.
Reflecting the ever-growing realm of culinary landscapes available, the cuisines that were included in the study ranged from Italian and French to Japanese and Peruvian.
With pizza as the world’s most popular meal type, Italian cuisine took first place on the list with over 20 million Instagram tags. 
However, Japanese cuisine followed close behind with approximately 20 million tags. Shah gave special mention to the nation’s sushi and ramen dishes, with sushi being the fourth most popular meal type in the world. 
Next on the list were Indian, Korean and Mexican cuisines.
Other Asian cuisines accounted for five more of the top 10 popular cuisines worldwide. 
Thai food, which was in sixth place with nearly 10 million tags, was followed by Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Filipino cuisines.
However, despite placing seventh on the list, Chinese restaurants are the most common restaurants found in the world’s top bustling cities. Sought after by many for their affordability and flavorful dishes, Chinese restaurants were found to account for nearly 10% of all restaurants in the most-visited cities in the world. 
via The Picky Eater

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