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Mattel says skateboarder Barbie was supposed to be Asian, admits ‘falling short’ on representation

Mattel Skateboarder Barbie with tweet

Mattel has issued a statement regarding its alleged lack of an Asian doll in its Tokyo Olympics Barbie collection.

The backlash: The latest wave of criticism started after Barbie repromoted the five-doll collection on July 28. Social media users alleged that none of the toys looked “Asian,” despite the fact that the Games were in Tokyo and that Asians had been winning medals from day one.

Barbie criticized for allegedly leaving out Asians in ‘inclusive’ Tokyo 2020 collection

Barbie is being called out on social media after the Mattel brand repromoted its Tokyo 2020 collection without visible “Asian” representation.

The collection: First unveiled in February 2020, the collection was designed by Mattel as part of a licensing agreement with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). It features five dolls reflecting five sports debuting or returning in the Tokyo Games, namely (1) baseball/softball, (2) sport climbing, (3) karate, (4) skateboarding and (5) surfing.

Singaporean Doll Collector Makes Amazing Barbie Dresses Out of Tissue Paper

Jian Yang is an avid Barbie doll collector who happens to be quite talented in designing and creating fancy dresses for his Barbie dolls.

A self-confessed “toy nerd,” the 38-year-old collector from Singapore has been building his collection since he was a teenager. With over 6,000 Barbie dolls (plus thousands of other assorted dolls and action figures), Yang is known as one of the world’s biggest Barbie collectors.

3 Chinese Women Are Getting Their Own Barbie Dolls

American toy company Mattel revealed all the inspiring women featured in its Barbie “Global Role Models” lineup, including Chinese actress and philanthropist Guan Xiaotong and prima ballerina Yuanyuan Tan.

Born in September 1997, Guan, who is currently dating former EXO member Luhan, began her acting career as a child star in the 2003 movie “Nuan”. The 20-year-old actress also appeared in the Chinese epic fantasy film “The Promise” by Chen Kaige, Shanghaiist reported.

Little Girl Removes Her Barbies’ Shoes Before Entering the House, Makes Asian Parents Proud

One adorable little girl named Korra Lam wanted to follow in the footsteps of Asian tradition by removing her Barbie dolls’ shoes before she places them in her Barbie Dream House.

The 4-year-old from Orange County, California, got the dollhouse as a Christmas present, but it wasn’t until Sunday that her 16-year-old half-sister, Ivy Ho, realized that Korra was taking off all the Barbie dolls’ shoes.