Oli London says he’s now ‘living as Ken’ after detransitioning from ‘Barbie’ look

Oli London says he’s now ‘living as Ken’ after detransitioning from ‘Barbie’ lookOli London says he’s now ‘living as Ken’ after detransitioning from ‘Barbie’ look
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After trying to look like a Barbie doll, British internet personality Oli London says he is now happily “living as Ken.”
Background: London, 33, rose to fame in 2018 after undergoing dozens of surgeries to resemble BTS member Jimin. Last year, he apologized to the K-pop idol and the Asian community for his “overly obsessive behavior” and subsequently announced that he was detransitioning from identifying as a Korean woman to a British man. Since then, he has spoken against “woke culture,” blaming it for causing his struggles with gender dysphoria and physical appearance. Earlier this year, he released a memoir titled “Detransition.”
In one of his recent takes, London criticized Bud Light and Target for allegedly forcing a gender agenda. This, he believes, has alienated their customer bases.
“Nobody judges people based on their identity as an adult. But people take issue when people try to force it down people’s throats or when they’re trying to push this into society, to normalize it with kids and to confuse people,” London told Fox News Digital.
The latest: In a new interview with the Daily Mail, London shared that his past also involved attempts to look like a Barbie doll. As he detransitions, London said he now resembles Ken, the iconic doll’s partner.
“Last year I was living as a Barbie after I came out as trans, but now I am back to living as Ken since de-transitioning and becoming a man again,” London told the outlet. He added that he regrets his surgeries — which left him with “paralysed facial muscle movements” — but he is now “happy with my Ken look and small nose and eyes.”
London’s “Ken” has also found a partner in his best friend Aliia Roza, who has been styling herself as “Barbie.”
“Aliia has spent millions over the years to live her life as a real Barbie,” he was quoted saying. “We both attended the Cannes Film Festival last year as Barbies. But this year, since I de-transitioned to become a man again, we are like Barbie and Ken and had custom-made matching outfits which we wear for red carpets at Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival and any other special events.”
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