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Indian American student wins Inventor Award for 2nd year in a row for ‘Lungsaver’ system

  • Indian American middle school student Om Guin won the 2022 Lemelson Early Inventor Award for building Lungsaver, a system that measures indoor and outdoor air quality and alerts inhabitants to take appropriate actions if the quality is low.
  • The young inventor was reportedly inspired to find out what aggravates lung diseases as several members of his family have asthma and would check pollen counts before leaving the house. 
  • When Guin discovered through research that air inside people’s homes can also contain similar or worse PM levels compared to the air outside, he decided to look for solutions to detect and improve indoor air for his loved ones.
  • Guin’s system involves a pair of indoor and outdoor devices that measure and record the air’s PM content up to 0.3 microns in size at different intervals using forced-air, laser-based sensors. 
  • The Lemelson Foundation, which awards the Lemelson Early Inventor Award to outstanding young inventors each year, gave Guin the top prize for his invention in August. 

An Indian American student from Georgia won the Lemelson Early Inventor Award for the second straight year for inventing devices that detect indoor air quality.

Om Guin, a seventh grader at Fulton Science Academy Private School in the city of Alpharetta, developed a system that could potentially save people’s lungs, particularly those suffering from asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Filipino American sommelier wins James Beard award for essay on ‘white supremacy’ in the wine industry

  • Filipino American sommelier Miguel de Leon won the James Beard Foundation Journalism Award for his long-form personal essay, “It’s Time to Decolonize Wine,” published in online magazine Punch in June 2020.
  • De Leon, who currently serves as the wine director of the Michelin-rated Pinch Chinese restaurant in Manhattan, wrote about his experiences as a wine professional of color in the white-dominated industry.
  • He contextualized the appreciation of wine beyond its Eurocentric heritage with his own Filipino heritage and upbringing.
  • De Leon’s works in the media cover the topics of racism, social justice and equity. Last year, he was named the New York Sommelier of the Year.

Filipino American sommelier Miguel de Leon won the James Beard Foundation Journalism Award for his long-form personal essay on ​​dismantling white supremacy in the wine industry.

De Leon, a Philippine-born writer and New York City-based sommelier, received the award on June 11 for his essay, “It’s Time to Decolonize Wine,” which was first published in the online magazine Punch in June 2020. 

Philippine-born high school teacher receives top teaching honor in New York

  • Philippine-born math teacher Dr. Eleuterio “Ely” Timbol Jr. was one of the 54 New York State public school teachers given the Governor’s Empire State Excellence in Teaching Award last month.
  • Gov. Kathy Hochul announced the Round 3 recipients of the award on June 15.
  • According to Hochul, the awardees “embody the values and mindset that every educator should have.”
  • Timbol, who has been teaching in New York for 19 years, currently teaches math in District 28 of New York City.
  • "My family way back home in the Philippines is full of excitement upon hearing this recognition,” he told The FilAm last month. “I have two sisters and seven brothers and I can hear the sounds of loud excitement when they heard the news."

A Philippine-born teacher was among this year’s awardees of the Governor’s Empire State Excellence in Teaching Award, a top teaching honor given in New York.

Dr. Eleuterio “Ely” Timbol Jr., an educator with 24 years of teaching experience, was one of the 54 New York State public school teachers given the Governor’s Empire State Excellence in Teaching Award last month. 

‘The Race Epidemic’ documentary wins prestigious ‘Golden Angel’ award for shining light on AAPI hate

The Race Epidemic,” the premier documentary on the recent rise of racism against Asian Americans during the COVID pandemic, has won the Best Documentary award at the 17th annual Chinese American Film Festival (CAFF). The documentary is currently raising funds on GoFundMe as it continues to seek nationwide distribution to raise awareness.

Earned recognition:The Race Epidemic,” produced by nonprofit organization Asian Pacific American Leadership Foundation (APALF), won the prestigious Golden Angel award during the cultural event in Los Angeles on Nov. 5, according to a press release. 

Bowen Yang to Win the ‘Visibility Award’ From Human Rights Campaign

Bowen Yang

Comedian Bowen Yang is set to receive an award from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) for his contribution to the visibility of the LGBTQ community both on and off the screen.

The Brooklyn-based writer and actor, who became a regular cast member on “Saturday Night Live” last year, will be given the Visibility Award at the HRC’s 25th annual North Carolina Dinner on February 22.

Chinese Scientists Among 9 Winners of the Lavish ‘Oscars of Science’ Awards in Silicon Valley

Breakthrough Prize

Two Chinese-born scientists were among the nine scientists recognized on Oct. 17 with a “Breakthrough Prize,” a $3 million Silicon Valley-funded award designed to bestow Oscar-level glamor upon its recipients.

Founded and sponsored by Sergey Brin, Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg, Pony Ma, Anne Wojcicki, and Yuri and Julia Milner, the prestigious awards aim to invigorate public engagement in the sciences by honoring, in the most lavish way possible, the cutting edge in three fundamental fields of basic science: Life Sciences, Fundamental Physics and Mathematics.

Filipino Journalist Wins Pulitzer Prize for Reporting on ‘Duterte’s Drug War’

A comprehensive coverage of what goes behind the brutal “drug war” in the Philippines has earned a Filipino journalist and his two colleagues at Reuters a Pulitzer Prize for international reporting.

Filipino journalist Manuel Mogato and two other Reuters reporters, Clare Baldwin and Andrew R.C. Marshall, were given the recognition for their “relentless reporting that exposed the brutal killing campaign behind Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs.”