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40 Years Ago He Biked 6,000 Miles from India to Sweden to Be With Her — Here They are Today

Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia proved that true love absolutely exists when he traveled more than 6,000 miles just to be with the woman he loved, who later became his wife.

Mahanandia was born as an “untouchable” in a remote village in India in 1949. After his birth, an astrologer told his parents that he would not follow the traditional path of an arranged marriage.

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding Stars in New Film As Blake Lively’s Hunky Husband

A month after “Crazy Rich Asians” hits international theaters in August this year, Henry Golding is set to return to the big screen via a mystery thriller film directed by Paul Feig.

The British–Malaysian actor, who will be making his film debut in the highly anticipated All-Asian romantic comedy, is also starring in “A Simple Favor” alongside Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively.

Kylie Jenner Who? Tim Chung Spotted With Stunning Blonde Woman

Tim Chung, Kylie Jenner’s hunky bodyguard/rumored baby daddy, has the internet chasing every juicy detail they can find on him after his popularity skyrocketed.

Chung, an LAPD cop who also moonlights as a part-time model, suddenly rose to internet stardom after some netizens began spreading a wild theory of him being the true father of Kylie Jenner’s three-month-old baby, Stormi.

Former Dancer Granted $223,000 Inheritance From Late HBO Exec Micky Liu

A court in Manhattan has upheld the claims of a former stripper to a six-figure inheritance left to her by a client– an HBO executive who died months after they bonded with an “everlasting friendship.”

IT director Micky Liu, who met 34-year-old Veronica Beckham at a strip club in 2014, named her beneficiary of his retirement accounts and life insurance policy — totalling $223,000. Liu’s family, however, challenged the inheritance in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court, accusing Beckham of coercion and manipulation.

Netizens Surprised That Ukrainian Woman Married Chinese Man ‘For Free’

AMWF wedding

Many male netizens are jealous of this Chinese man for marrying his beautiful Ukrainian wife — not necessarily because she’s a blonde Caucasian woman, but because she married him “for free”.

Inesa and He Pingwei’s love story began in January 2016 when she was working as a translator in Beijing where she met He, according to NetEase (as translated by Shanghaiist).

They Said a $20 Wedding Dress Would Ruin a Beautiful Photoshoot — He Proved Them Wrong

If there’s anyone who knows what makes a gorgeous wedding photoshoot, it would be Malaysian wedding photographer Keow Wee Loong.

He has captivated the world multiple times in the past with his eye for creating breathtaking shots.

In December, he turned the crater of Ijen volcano complex in Indonesia into a heavenly backdrop for a newlywed’s photoshoot.  

Keow Wee Loong

He also showed his brilliant photography skills when he and his wife shared their own wedding photos from their three-month photography session/honeymoon across the world last year. So when an “experienced photographer” tried to lecture him that expensive wedding gowns make a photoshoot great, he felt it was a challenge for him to prove the misguided “expert” otherwise.

Racist UCI Student Can’t Stand Seeing a White Woman Kissing an Asian Man

A post found in a University of California Irvine FaceBook group has recently gone viral for its shockingly offensive nature, its racist rhetoric slamming an Asian male/White female couple.

The post was penned by someone under the name Will Harrison, a member of the UC Irvine (UCI) Class of 2020 FaceBook group, detailing an encounter he had where he witnessed an Asian male student making out with a White female student.