Kylie Jenner Who? Tim Chung Spotted With Stunning Blonde Woman

Kylie Jenner Who? Tim Chung Spotted With Stunning Blonde WomanKylie Jenner Who? Tim Chung Spotted With Stunning Blonde Woman
Tim Chung, Kylie Jenner’s hunky bodyguard/rumored baby daddy, has the internet chasing every juicy detail they can find on him after his popularity skyrocketed.
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Chung, an LAPD cop who also moonlights as a part-time model, suddenly rose to internet stardom after some netizens began spreading a wild theory of him being the true father of Kylie Jenner’s three-month-old baby, Stormi.
Now the gossip mill has spun a new web of intrigue, linking Chung to a gorgeous mystery woman. 
via Instagram / kensingtonmoore
Some Instagram users have reportedly “unearthed” supposedly romantic images of the two and wondered if the pair were indeed an item.  
Here are the images that show the pair in their supposedly steamy moments:
Some minor online digging, however, would reveal the two were likely just hired for an apparent ad campaign for a popular pizza chain.
As it turns out, the lovely woman in the images was 21-year-old singer/songwriter Kensington Moore, who took the role of Papa John’s “Pizza Queen” to Chung’s “Pizza King.”

Chung and Moore, who undeniably exude chemistry together, have worked together before as models for photographer Sheri Angeles:
But while they certainly look like a lovely couple, it appears the romantic gestures are only for the cameras and not in real life, as indicated by this exchange on the photographer’s Instagram:
Moore’s team told Nextshark that she does not wish to make any further comment regarding her relationship with Chung at this time.
Feature image via Instagram / (Left): wearethefoodiegirls | (Right): kardashianluverzz
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