Asian Guys With White Girls: She Isn’t Woke And Neither Are You

Asian Guys With White Girls: She Isn’t Woke And Neither Are YouAsian Guys With White Girls: She Isn’t Woke And Neither Are You
Editor’s note: Eliza Romero is a Filipino-American style blogger. The views expressed in this piece are solely her own.
Asian men with White wives or girlfriends: she’s not woke and neither are you. Someone told a bunch of Asian guys that if they pull a White girl, she’s automatically woke AF because she’s somehow joining in the fight against White supremacy and the White patriarchy. Nah. If you think you’re superior to an Asian girl who only dates White guys, I’m here to tell you, you’re wrong. Someone also told you guys that your kids are superior to the kids of Asian women and White men because they don’t uphold White supremacy and they’re exposed to a way healthier upbringing and they’ll have an easier time with girls blah blah blah because they’re mother doesn’t hate Asians or herself. Whatever.
Need some examples? Here are two:
Proof of AMWF worshipping white features. There are tons of people who date White women in hopes of whiter children (Black men, Indian men and Asian men)
Kelly Conway married to Filipino Hapa
“White women were often constructed as the ultimate standard of beauty and of traditional femininity, and as the property of white men; they also were endowed with traits such as egalitarianism, strength, independence, and, on the negative side, peevishness. These characteristics that Asian American men found in white women reflect the idea of ‘hegemonic femininity,’ which reinforces the notion that white women are superior to other groups of women [45]. By dating or marrying white women, the Asian American men believed they were consolidating their manhood as a privilege marking unique and/or assimilated masculinity.” (Source here)
If you’re an Asian dude who thinks this way, this is what you’re really promoting: White supremacy. Yup, you’re doing it too. What you’re really telling your future children is that since your Asian father was able to marry a White woman, your sons will be better off because he’s less Asian than his father. You’re not doing shit for Asian people by obsessing over your ability to pull a White woman.
White women uphold White supremacy all the time, even the ones who marry Asians. Yeah, White women can think they’re better than their Asian husbands too. I can name a few of these kinds of couples and I’ll bet you can too.
Look, I don’t care who you date. Just check yourself before you start making assumptions and thinking you’re superior to everyone else.
Eliza Romero is a Baltimore-based, Filipino-American fashion photographer and style blogger behind the website Aesthetic Distance, a blog critical of pop culture. This article was originally published on Plan A Magazine and republished with permission.
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