YouTube Couple Creates the Most Epic ‘Hellthy’ Food on the Internet

YouTube Couple Creates the Most Epic ‘Hellthy’ Food on the Internet

May 30, 2018
Meet JP Lambiase and Julia Yarinsky, the YouTubers behind the mouthwatering and incredibly unhealthy channel HellthyJunkFood.
In case you are wondering about their channel’s name, the couple basically creates monstrous junk food, hence why it is “hellthy.” Here’s one where JP creates a “pizza cake.”
Another one where JP makes a behemoth pizza burger.
The couple tends to create bizarre food out of basically everything they could ever set their eyes on, including this one where they stuffed Mac N’ Cheese inside fried chicken.
Not just chicken, though, they also recently tried to merge Mac N’ Cheese and boneless ribs.
They really love Mac N’ Cheese in just about everything.
A single order of Egg McMuffin is not enough? Here’s one giant Egg McMuffin – or at least a replica of it – that can feed at least 4 grown adults.
Do you like sushi? Do you like donuts?  Would you wanna see both of these wonderful dishes served together? Then your wish has been granted!
Enough with all the meats. It’s time to see some WTF desserts, and here’s the perfect one for that: Giant Kit Kat.
Giant Swiss Roll or HoHos anyone?
Fans of the hit mobile game “Clash of Clans” will most certainly love this one.
JP and Julie also tried to create their own jiggly cheesecake, popularized in Japan by Uncle Rikuro’s Cheesecakes.
If you are looking for something unique to feast your eyes on, here’s a deep fried Oreo cheesecake.
Ice cream maybe? How about Mayo and Ketchup flavored?
Head over to JP and Julia’s HJF channel for more mouthwatering goodness. They also have a Facebook and Instagram that you can follow to stay updated.
Featured image via Instagram / hellthyjunkfood
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