HS Football Coach Proposes to Choir Teacher Girlfriend in the Most Adorable Way

HS Football Coach Proposes to Choir Teacher Girlfriend in the Most Adorable WayHS Football Coach Proposes to Choir Teacher Girlfriend in the Most Adorable Way
Like a scene straight out of a rom-com, a football coach from Seneca Valley High School in Germantown, Maryland proposed to his choir teacher girlfriend on stage during the school’s winter concert on December 21.
It has always been the school’s tradition every year to bring alumni on stage to sing “Hallelujah” along with the choir and their choral music teacher, Michelle Searle, according to FOX 5.
After the alumni sang “Hallelujah”, one of the students on the stage quickly grabbed the mic and said he wanted to dedicate a song to someone very special to him. He then started singing Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight”.
Halfway through the song, the spotlight suddenly shifted to the audience, where Searle saw her longtime boyfriend, Fred Kim, who is also part of the school’s faculty as the team’s football coach.
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Kim took over the mic and song after reaching the stage where his stunned girlfriend stood. After the song concluded, the football coach immediately got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend, “will you marry me?”
The audience, as well as the students on stage, erupted with applause and peals of delighted screams after Kim popped the question, as seen in the video captured by one of the alums. Searle cried tears of joy as she said yes, put on the ring, and hugged her now-fiancé.
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Both Kim and Searle met at Seneca Valley about 20 years ago. They quickly became friends before hitting it off as a couple.
While speaking with reporters, Searle expressed how she was touched by the proposal, especially with her students present to share the unforgettable experience. She went on to describe the happy moment as a Super Bowl.
I could not have asked for anything more perfect,” Searle told FOX 5. “I love that he did it in front of my kids because we are both really committed to our kids. Seneca Valley has an awesome community. I love my kids. I was so touched they were all there. He invited my family, all my best friends. Everybody was there and I could not have asked for anything more perfect. I’m so happy.
via Twitter / svhschoirsrock
Her fiancé, however, is not really into public displays.
This is definitely normally not my shtick. I am a pretty private, quiet guy,” Kim said. “I don’t like getting all my business out there, but Michelle is a little opposite. Not that she puts her private life out there, but she is a performer, choir director. I thought this was a perfect time in front of her alums, the kids, the community, the school. It’s sort of our thing.
The proposal was absolutely heartwarming. Congratulations to the engaged couple!
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