STPeach and Boyfriend Announce Engagement, Racist Incels Now Living Worst Nightmare

STPeach and Boyfriend Announce Engagement, Racist Incels Now Living Worst Nightmare

May 23, 2018
Twitch streamer Lisa Vannatta, also known as STPeach, and her boyfriend Jay are about to get married.
Vanatta broke the news in an Instagram post earlier this week, sharing a picture of themselves by the coast with the caption, “I get to marry my best friend.”
The couple’s relationship has since been in the spotlight as racist and salty trolls fill Vannatta’s social media posts with nasty comments.
Vannatta, who started streaming on Twitch more than two years ago, has received every offensive comment imaginable, from having “yellow fever” to being a “race traitor.”
Jay, who is Korean, has been targeted more often, being called “Asian manlet,” “gook,” “homo,” “Chinese” and “lucky motherf**ker,” among a laundry list of insults.
Many congratulated the couple on their engagement:
Still, there are those clearly deprived of happiness in their own lives:
Their love story started with a game called “MapleStory,” which they both played.
“One of his friends was in my MapleStory guild at that time, and we eventually got to know each other over Skype and we became just friends,” she told NextShark last year. We both finally met for the first time a year ago, and we’ve hit it off ever since.”
The pair played more games, but their top choice is anything from “The Legend of Zelda.”
Vannatta shared, “Our all-time favorite games to play together is anything from the ‘Zelda’ series. We’ve already played ‘Windwaker,’ ‘Breath of the Wild,’ ‘Twilight Princess,’ and we plan on playing all of the rest together!”
Despite the backlash, Lisa and Jay are far from affected and even find it “funny.”
“We are both happy with one another. The hate doesn’t affect us or our relationship together. To be honest, we find it funny that it’s even a topic of discussion because it just seems like a such a normal thing to us,” she said.
Congratulations to this lovely couple!
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