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ISIS is Having Trouble Paying Their Fighters, Upset Terrorists Go on Strike

After the most recent round of coalition strikes against ISIS, the terrorist group is reportedly suffering from massive financial losses and plunging morale, according to The Washington Post.

Reports of budget cuts from the terrorist group were revealed in January, but since then the organization has suffered an “unprecedented cash crunch” as US-led forces continue to destroy oil refineries, tankers and structures where ISIS keeps its cash throughout their territory in Syria and Iraq.

Chinese Factory Worker Kills and Eats ‘Wild’ Corgi, Learns it Was His Boss’s Pet The Next Day

Chinese factory worker was fired from his job after he mistook his boss’s dog for a stray, beat it to death, then cooked and ate it.

On Feb. 13, a factory worker named Zhang in eastern China found a Pembroke Welsh Corgi wandering around the bathroom at work. He presumed it was a stray and decided that the dog would make a great meal, so he beat the animal to death with a wooden stick.

Google Reveals How Much They Paid the Guy Who Bought Google.com — And It’s GENIUS

Last October, researcher and ex-Google employee Sanmay Ved was able to purchase the domain name google.com for one whole minute for the price of $12. He documented his experience which caught the attention of Google, who rewarded him for discovering the little loophole.

We knew then that Ved donated around $10,000 of his prize money to charity, but it wasn’t until today when Google revealed how much they actually paid the man who owned google.com for a whole minute — and the amount is genius.

Man Orders a Kindle Online, FedEx Accidently Sends Him Something Disgusting Instead

It can be upsetting to a customer when they receive something other than what they ordered in the mail. James Potten, 37, of Bristol, England, sure knows what that feels like.

Potten thought the Kindle e-reader he ordered online had arrived in a package dropped off at his specified address. The box that was delivered on Thursday contained a human tumor instead.

SpaceX Released the Epic Footage of Their First Successful Rocket Landing

SpaceX recently released the dramatic footage of their first successful landing of the Falcon 9 rocket after sending it up to low-Earth orbit to deliver 11 satellites. The landing occurred on December 21, 2015.

Reusable rockets serve as a big leap for the development of space travel, and the excitement of SpaceX’s employees over the successful landing certainly outlines how epic of a feat that is.

Kendall Jenner Makes Up to $300,000 Per Instagram Post

Given today’s internet culture, Viners, Youtubers and Instagrammers know that social media influence is the ultimate form of power. The more popular you are, the more valuable you look to companies who want you to shout out about a product to your hundreds of thousands to millions of followers — and that’s money right there.

No one plays this game better than Kendall Jenner, at least according to her nearly 44 million followers. With those numbers, the 19-year-old reality T.V. star, entrepreneur and Victoria’s Secret Angel  earns between $125,000 and $300,000 per post.

Russian Mining Engineer Takes the Most Amazing Photos of Foxes During His Breaks

Ivan Kislov is a mining engineer from Chukotka, one of Russia’s northernmost regions. When he’s not working on one of his long shifts, he steps into the arctic tundra to take some of the most beautiful photographs of foxes you’ve ever seen.

Last year, Kislov told BoredPanda that his hobby is a simply a “relaxation from routine.” In his spare time he likes to hike to unknown places and just sit and observe wildlife. He’s also photographed bears, wolves and other small furry creatures of the Russian tundra.

Artist Who Made ‘Peace for Paris’ Symbol Mocks Our Tech Obsession in New Art Series

Jean Jullien is a French illustrator known for his satiral comics. Aside from that, he’s widely known for creating the “Peace for Paris” symbol after the terrorist attack in Paris last month.

In a series of illustration, Jullien mocks our societies obsession with technology, social media, and smartphones. This series shows just how cut off from real life we’ve become because of the advent of technology.