Man Orders Domino’s Chicken Wings, Finds $1,300 in Cash Instead

Man Orders Domino’s Chicken Wings, Finds $1,300 in Cash InsteadMan Orders Domino’s Chicken Wings, Finds $1,300 in Cash Instead
Jacob Wagner
September 23, 2015
A Berkeley, California resident received an offer of free pizza for a year as a reward for his honest act.
Last week, Mike Vegas placed a delivery order for a pizza and wings from a local Domino’s. After it was delivered, he ate only a single slice of the pizza and didn’t touch the wings. He placed the unopened box of wings in the fridge and later went to work.
That’s when, according to Vegas in an interview with Fox News:
“My phone started blowing up and I wasn’t looking at the random messages.
I was at work so I wasn’t answering. ”
At approximately 5 a.m., when Vegas got home from work, he opened up the box of wings only to find $1,300 in cash. He posted the following on his Facebook:

When you order Dominoes Pizza and instead of wings you get cash…..#doihavetogiveitback #ihavetotakeitback #karmatest #dominoespizza

Posted by Mike Vegas on Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Domino’s delivery driver was the person who had been calling him. He couldn’t find the wings box he had put away his cash in earlier, and Vegas’s house was the last stop on his way to the bank.
Vegas ultimately decided to be honest and return the money. However, he admitted that he initially had some reservations. When asked through email whether he thought about keeping the money, he told NextShark:
“Of course I thought about it. I think anyone being honest would. Funny thing is, my 16-year-old had just asked me for $1,000 the day before for her first car. I was bummed because I don’t really have it to give her, and then I found $1,300 in my refrigerator the next day. Definitely a moment where I contemplated the pizza gods answering my distress lol. But in the end I wanted to show her doing the right thing was better than the money.”
Vegas said that the delivery man was ecstatic he returned the money and was glad he was able to keep his job. The manager of the Domino’s also offered him an awesome reward: free pizza for a year. Vegas told NextShark:
“I haven’t used the free pizza offer yet, LOL so I dunno how I’m claiming it. It’s been a crazy week, but I’ll go say hi to the dominoes after my weekend dies down I’m sure.”
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