Japanese Startup Creates Incredible Floating Bonzai Plant

Floating bonsai trees are the perfect touch to your zen home.
Japanese entrepreneurs Hikaru Hoshi and Masanori Imayoshi decided it was time to make a magical floating bonsai tree a reality.
Their masterpiece, the “Air Bonsai”, consists of an “energy base” at the bottom and a “little star,” or floating ball on top.
Utilizing the laws of magnetism, the designers are able to make the “little star” bonsai tree float atop its base.
The energy base is made of traditional Japanese porcelain and the bonsai top is replaceable with other plants.
Each porcelain is meticulously crafted by hand — a process that takes three months.  The Japanese team have raised nearly $15,000 of their $80,000 goal on Kickstarter. Who wouldn’t want a floating bonsai tree?
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