Asian Woman Tries to Tell White People How to ‘Properly’ Eat PB&J — Gets it All Wrong

If Bon Appétit Magazine’s recent video on “How to Eat Pho” wasn’t bad enough, things have just gotten worse. 
A chef of Asian descent is claiming to know the proper way to eat PB&J, a delicacy that I, as a white man, have been eating ever since I was born on this Earth.
Sammy Chu, the owner of “Sandwich” based in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, was recently featured in a “Bad Appetite Magazine” breaking down “how to eat PB&J” while making some unforgivable statements like…
She touts herself as an expert throughout the video and claims that cutting the crush is an act that would insult the chef, who’s put his/her heart and soul into constructing the dish.
“When people come into the restaurant, and you put a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in front of them and immediately cut off the crust. All of the decision that have been made a long the way about flavor and texture are completely destroyed.” Chu says in the video.
Despite the fact that white people have been eating PB&J forever, Chu claims that it’s now “cool and hip.”
While she maintains a relatively authoritative tone throughout the video explaining all the little things people do that could ruin a PB&J, one of her tips is to “add as much mayo” as you possibly can to the peanut butter. Talk about contradictions!
Chu’s video is cultural appropriation and “Columbusing” at its finest. Out of all the white people in the world, Bad Appetite Magazine decided to choose an Asian woman who’s probably never even been to America to teach us how to eat our food. Shame on Bad Appetite Magazine and shame on Sammy Chu!
P.S. This was all satire. We love Jenny Yang and thanks for making us all laugh with such an awesome video 🙂
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