Wife Kicks Husband Out Of His Own Mansion, Forces Him to Live on Lawn for 6 Months

A Texas man has been living on the front lawn of his $1.3 million mansion for the past six months after his wife kicked him out and changed the locks.
Neighbors are now concerned for the well-being of 69-year-old Sharafat Khan, who has reportedly become extremely frail and has difficulty walking. He and his doctor wife, Shahnaz, 61, have had an ongoing domestic dispute for the past six years.
Khan, who is otherwise homeless, sleeps on the front porch of his luxurious Seabrook, Texas home wrapped in a sheet at night. On some nights he goes to sleep in his backyard by the swimming pool for privacy. He is prohibited from from using the washing facilities, and neighbors are deterred from providing any assistance to Khan.
Laurel Stout, a neighbor from across the street, told KPRC:
“The weather is starting to get colder. He’s very frail, he can’t even walk. I’m afraid he is going to die out here in his yard.”
Neighbor Debbie Scoggins also commented on the situation:
“He’s wearing the same clothing, it’s dirty. I’m just hoping we can find help for him.”
Shahnaz, the mother of his two children, puts up warning signs to ward off neighbors who try to give him food and takes away the blankets that people give him. Residents in the community are outraged by the man’s treatment, and police have been called to the residence 30 times.
Though Khan owns half of the suburban property, police are unable to legally force his wife to let him in. He says that their fight originated from her ultimatum that he cut ties with family members. With no access to their money and unable to afford an attorney, Khan is stuck living outside as he is unwilling to leave his estate.
Others have speculated that the couple are unable to divorce because of their adherence to the Sharia law in Islam, but Khan says religion is not the issue. He told KPRC that he believes their situation has to do with money:
“She doesn’t want to hand over half her fortune.”
Court documents reveal Khan was charged with assault in 2008 after he allegedly hit his wife.
Adult Protective Services have stepped in to remedy the conflict, but are unable to release information about the case due to client confidentiality. In addition, a spokesperson for the agency added that they are unable to assist someone who does not want the help.
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