Businessman Shames Beggars With Sign After They Refuse His Job Offer

Businessman Shames Beggars With Sign After They Refuse His Job Offer
Jacob Wagner
By Jacob Wagner
December 14, 2015
An Iowa business man shamed two beggars in front of a Taco Bell with a sign saying they refused his job offer and to not give them any money.
The beggars sat in front of the store with a sign that read, “Broke and hungry. Money please.”
The businessman, identified only as “Mike”, allegedly offered the two men jobs rather than money but was refused. Mike then came back to the scene with a yellow sign that read, “Offered these guys a job. They said no. Don’t give money.”
The man’s nephew, Michael Wooldridge of Muscatine, Iowa, uploaded a photo of the scene on Facebook with the caption:
“My Uncle Mike offered these guys a job said he was busy right now could use the help they said no so he did this! Wow don’t give these guys any money.”
At one point, the two beggars moved locations and Mike followed them with his sign.
“They left and he followed them to the next stop,” Wooldridge was reported as saying.
Commenters on both Facebook and Reddit argued the moral implications of the situation as well as whether or not it was real.
One user on Reddit claimed to be from Muscatine and said the alleged incident actually occurred — the men also reportedly refused job offers to work at a local car wash.
h/t: Daily Mail
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