Twenty-Four-Year-Old Hits Three People in His Lamborghini, Hangs Out the Window to Text After

Twenty-Four-Year-Old Hits Three People in His Lamborghini, Hangs Out the Window to Text After
Jacob Wagner
By Jacob Wagner
December 1, 2015
A 24-year-old man driving a Lamborghini Gallardo in the port city of Surabaya on the Indonesian island of Java allegedly lost control of his sports car and ran over three innocent bystanders. One man was killed and two others were injured from the accident. Snapshots of the wreckage show the driver hanging out of his car and texting after the incident.
The driver, Wiyang Lautner, was purportedly street racing a Ferrari when his Lamborghini steered off track and hit a middle-aged couple and a street vendor. According to the Daily Mail, the victims of the accident, identified by only their first names, include Mujianto, 44, Srikanti, 41, and her husband Kuswanto, 51.
Kuswanto’s body was dragged along by the Lamborghini for several meters before it crashed into a tree, according to police. Mujianto and Skrikanti both suffered broken legs along with other injuries.
Moments after the wreckage, spectators filmed the young driver hanging out of his window and texting on his phone. It appears he was attempting to climb out of his car and it has not yet been determined whether he was using his phone to call for help.
Srikanti and Mujianto could be seen lying injured in the street in the aftermath of the accident as Lautner was on his phone.
The 51-year-old man, Kuswanto, and his wife, Srikanti, are residents from the nearby village of Kaliasin. They were believed to be buying a few bottles of milk from a street vendor when they were mowed down by the sports car. His body was transferred to Soetomo Hospital for a post-mortem.
Lautner was detained at Dukuh Kupang police station as police launched an investigation into the accident. A spokesperson for the Surabaya police station, Lily Djarfar, reported a motorcycle parked near the vendor was also damaged during the incident.
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