Why Jeremy Lin Hires Bodyguards Everytime He Goes to China

Why Jeremy Lin Hires Bodyguards Everytime He Goes to China
Jacob Wagner
October 12, 2015
Although international basketball sensation Jeremy Lin enjoys his high profile lifestyle, he is often concerned about his personal safety.     
During the 2012-2013 season, Lin became an international household name while he was playing for the New York Knicks. Lin, or more famously, Linsanity, is currently playing preseason games for the Charlotte Hornets in China, but garnering playing time is not all that he is concerned with. He told the Charlotte Observer that when he travels from place to place he becomes extremely stressed out because of his rabid fans:
“It can be scary, too. When people somehow know what room I’m in, what floor I’m on. Fans aren’t supposed to get up that elevator, but somehow they do. And then they’re waiting for me and all I can say is, ‘You know you are not supposed to be up here?’ ”
Lin said then whenever he is traveling to China, a bodyguard is an absolute must:
“If I am in China I always have a personal bodyguard, and if I’m making an appearance I’ll always have a team of security. The body guard is legit; he’s always there to stay by my door to hear every knock. Then I can be comfortable and feel safe.”
The 27-year-old Harvard graduate is extremely popular both on and off the court, but while his commercial personality and basketball talent has forged him international fame, it’s also clearly brought him risk and anxiety.
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