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The TikTok food trend that fuses sushi and pizza and was created by a Japanese chef in Toronto

sushi pizza new tiktok trend

From watermelon with mustard to cucumbers with sugar, TikTok has brought us several food combinations that evoke intrigue, suspicion and a sprinkle of apprehension. But sushi pizza, TikTok’s latest food trend, is something we couldn’t possibly refuse. 

How do I make it?: Before you add store-bought dough to your shopping cart, know that sushi pizza doesn’t use the traditional base of flour and yeast. Instead, you’ll have to cook a sushi rice patty mixed with some rice vinegar, according to In the Know.

Singapore restaurant known for $2.25 Michelin-starred dish loses its star

Michelin star restaurant loses star

A Singapore restaurant that rose in international popularity after receiving a Michelin star has seemingly lost its claim to fame.

What happened: In this year’s Michelin guide to Singapore, which was released on Sep. 1,  Hawker Chan, formerly known as Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodles, did not appear anywhere in the food bible, reported CNN

How Spam Became a Luxury Item in South Korea

Spam South Korea luxury item

After the U.S., the world’s largest consumer of Spam is South Korea. But how did a simple processed meat product turn into a popular luxury item in an East Asian country?

With its pale pink hue and spongy texture, Spam has been called “disgusting” and “inedible” in the U.S since the late 1930s. Hormel Foods Corporation states that their product contains just six ingredients, but the canned good has received a reputation for being “mystery meat,” prompting Hormel to create campaigns such as “Don’t Knock It ‘Til You’ve Fried It.”

Meet the father of Japan’s $90 million fake food industry

japan sampuru fake food

Would you pay up to $1,000 for food that will never expire? In restaurant displays across Japan, sampuru (derived from the word “sample”) have been enticing potential customers with their mouthwatering plastic and vinyl “ingredients” for decades. 

Imagine a glistening bowl of ramen, delicately garnished with nori. A sponge cake topped with buttercream frosting and bright red berries. A plate of crispy pork cutlet, deep-fried to perfection. Every single dish looks good enough to eat, but there’s one catch you can’t actually eat any of them. 

Unlimited flights, a new condo: Here are some of the perks Olympic medalists have received

Olympic medalists

Editor’s note: This article has been updated from its original version to include information about the gifts that Indonesian badminton gold medallists Apriyani Rahayu and Greysia Polii received. 

In addition to bringing home medals, these Tokyo 2020 athletes have been promised a range of rewards, from free subway rides to a lifetime supply of pizza.

Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz, who ‘came from nothing,’ wins first-ever Olympic gold medal for the Philippines

Hidilyn Diaz

Filipino athlete Hidilyn Diaz brought the Philippines its first-ever Olympic gold medal after winning the women’s 55-kilogram (121-pound) weightlifting competition.   

What happened: Diaz, a four-time Olympian, set a new Olympic record after lifting a combined weight of 224 kilograms (493.8 pounds) on Monday, CBS News reported.