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WeChat is Being Used to Campaign for Trump


Despite President Donald Trump’s efforts to ban WeChat — as well as TikTok and other Chinese-made apps — a growing number of Chinese immigrants and Chinese Americans are reportedly using the platform to campaign for his re-election.

The app, with some 19 million users in the U.S., is popular among first-generation and recent Chinese immigrants, many of whom back the incumbent president.

UC Davis Warns Students Not to Use WhatsApp or WeChat in China

Students from the University of California, Davis have been warned against using messaging apps like WhatsApp or WeChat when traveling to China.

The travel warning, which also told travelers to not make “unfavorable political statements or postings on social media,” was reportedly delivered on Monday via an email from the university’s director of liability and property programs Gary Leonard.

WeChat Group Admin J‌a‌i‌le‌‌d for 6 Months After Sharing P‌o‌r‌n Through Group Chat

A man from Yunnan Province, China has been sent‌e‌‌nced to six months in p‌r‌i‌‌s‌o‌n‌ for managing a WeChat group that shared hundreds of p‌ornog‌‌rap‌hi‌c videos over the course of two weeks.

The 31-year-old man, surnamed Luo, created a WeChat group called “Border Antique Auction” in February 2017  to showcase different antiques, The Paper reported via Shanghaiist.

Taxi Driver in China Returns $958 Taxi Fare to American Tourist Who Overpaid on WeChat

A taxi driver from Xi’an in Shaanxi Province, China is earning praise online after he returned a large fare to a Chinese-American tourist who overpaid using a mobile payment app on Monday.

The driver, identified as Zhang Peng, was checking his WeChat Wallet and noticed that one of his passengers paid him 6,500 yuan ($958) when the fare should have only been around 65 yuan ($9.58), according to Chinese Business Gazette via South China Morning Post.

Man Travels 600 Miles to Meet Woman He Met on WeChat, Gets Beaten By Her Husband

In online dating gone wrong, a Chinese man was beaten up by the husband of a woman he met online through WeChat after he traveled more than 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) to meet her.

The two cyberspace lovers met through China’s leading messaging app WeChat in April, according to Shanghaiist via Medium. The couple then met up face to face on Dec. 10 when the man decided to travel from Wuhan to Qujing in Yunan, southwest China.

Chinese Cancer Patient Who Wrote Inspiring ‘Death Diary’ Dies at Age 29

Chinese netizens are grieving over the death of Zhou Lin, the Chinese breast cancer patient who documented her battle against the illness in an inspiring online diary. She was 29 years old.

According to People’s Daily Online (via MailOnline), Zhou succumbed to her disease at home in Shifang, Sichuan Province, on Nov. 27. Zhou’s family relayed the sad news on her WeChat account. Her multitudes of followers expressed grief on social media over her passing, with netizens revealing how Zhou’s positive attitude despite her illness has given them inspiration.