Chinese Woman Gets Hit By a Car — Immediately Takes Out Phone to Check Social Media

A woman who was hit by a car checked social media as she lay in the street, according to a state media report.
The unidentified woman was knocked off the scooter she was riding by a car in Jianyou in southwestern China’s Sichuan province on May 18, reported the People’s Daily Online (via Daily Mail).
Witnesses on the scene were reportedly surprised when the woman, who lay in the middle of the road blocking traffic after the accident, pulled out her phone and logged into her social media rather than calling loved ones.
The woman was said to have been using WeChat, a messaging and social media app owned by Tencent.
Pictures of the scene were uploaded by the People’s Daily to their Weibo account on May 19 in a post that read: “On a section of road in Sichuan, a woman riding a scooter crashed and fell to the floor.
“Onlookers were alarmed however the woman got out her phone and continued to talk to friends on social media regardless of her own safety and the impact on traffic.”
It is unclear whether the woman was injured in the accident. Police were called to the scene and are reportedly investigating the accident.
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