Woman Gets Fired After Replying to Boss With an Emoji

Woman Gets Fired After Replying to Boss With an EmojiWoman Gets Fired After Replying to Boss With an Emoji
A staff member at a bar in southern China was fired from her job after replying to her manager with an OK hand emoji in a group chat.
The story, which has gone viral on social media, says that the manager of the bar in Changsha, Hunan province communicated to their team in a group WeChat.
According to Btime.com, the manager asked the employee to compile and send some documents, in which she replied with an OK emoji.
Unfortunately, the manager took issue with her response, accusing her of “poor discipline.”
“You should use text to reply to the message if you have received it. Don’t you know the rules?” the manager replied, according to the South China Morning Post. “Is this your acknowledgement of receipt?”
The manager then ordered the employee to contact human resources to have her “resignation” settled.
Shortly, the manager released a group announcement informing that the response “roger” should be used when acknowledging messages.
“It’s true, my resignation is still being processed,” the employee said, according to the Daily Mail. “I have been working for many years and this is my first time encountering a stupid situation like this.”
According to the employee, her colleagues also thought that their manager had gone overboard.
“I am a good-tempered person and therefore didn’t lose my temper then. All my colleagues agreed that my boss had gone too far.”
The topic has received more than 280 million views on Weibo, with many expressing support for the employee.
“This company should be exposed.”
“Roger? Who does he think he is, James Bond?”
“This employee was expelled too casually. It’s unbelievable.”
“I reply the same thing to my boss all day and I’m still around.”
“I believe this manager wanted to fire the employee for a while. Now he found an excuse.”
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