Catfisher in China dated mother and son for 5 years — allegedly scammed them out of $20,000

Catfisher in China dated mother and son for 5 years — allegedly scammed them out of $20,000
Rebecca Moon
August 15, 2022
A mother and son in China are suing a man for allegedly conning them out of 140,000 yuan (approximately $20,669) while pretending to date the pair for nearly five years. 
The catfisher, surnamed Song, is accused of scamming the mother and son over WeChat. Song is currently being sued at the Huining county court in Gansu province of northwestern China. 
In 2018, Song met the mother, surnamed Jiang, while walking on the street. After Song learned that Jiang was single, the two exchanged contact information and WeChat account handles. The two began dating shortly after. 
At the end of 2018, Song told Jiang that he could introduce her son, surnamed Li, to a woman that he knows. The man then allegedly posed as a woman online using a second WeChat account and began dating Li.
After being convinced that Song was in love with her, Jiang gave him more than 70,000 yuan (approximately $10,334), according to the lawsuit. Song purportedly claimed that he needed to pay the workers on his farm and the interest on a loan. He also offered to help Jiang open a fixed deposit savings account.
Li was coaxed into allegedly giving more than 60,000 yuan (approximately $8,858) to Song, who supposedly claimed that he needed the money to pay medical bills for his friend’s child as well as hospital bills for his father’s medical treatment.
The mother and son “dated” Song until he was reported to the police in February.
The court has not yet publicly released a verdict. 
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