Man Travels 600 Miles to Meet Woman He Met on WeChat, Gets Beaten By Her Husband

Man Travels 600 Miles to Meet Woman He Met on WeChat, Gets Beaten By Her Husband

December 19, 2017
In online dating gone wrong, a Chinese man was beaten up by the husband of a woman he met online through WeChat after he traveled more than 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) to meet her.
The two cyberspace lovers met through China’s leading messaging app WeChat in April, according to Shanghaiist via Medium. The couple then met up face to face on Dec. 10 when the man decided to travel from Wuhan to Qujing in Yunan, southwest China.
After finding out that the woman, whose name was not revealed, was in dire need of a new phone, he bought her a new Oppo smartphone while in Qujing.
The romantic movie-esque meet up took a turn for the worse when he was greeted by a very angry husband and his equally infuriated friends. Once they saw the man, the group immediately began assaulting him in broad daylight.
A video, which went viral on Chinese social media, showed the man getting whipped and flogged by the angry husband and his crew as he was surrounded and cornered against a tree. They struck him with leather belts and tubes for minutes while people stood by to watch the whole ordeal.
The issue has reportedly already been settled between the two parties in court with the aid of police mediation. In addition, the husband reportedly forced his wife to surrender and return the phone she received from the man.
Public humiliation and beating of a mistress and lover is a pretty common occurrence in China.
In August, a man deliberately assaulted his father’s mistress in public after his parents went through a divorce. A business for beating up mistresses, dubbed as “mistress killer,” was also set up for wives having trouble with their husband cheating on them.
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