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Woman filmed harassing Asian dog owners reportedly identified after calling third target ‘Chinaman’

new york city

A woman who went viral for harassing two Asian dog owners in New York City was reportedly identified after hurling slurs at a third Asian person last week.

What happened: The woman, notoriously known as “Leash Karen,” was filmed harassing an Asian person for the third time on Friday. She went viral earlier this month after complaining about unleashed dogs and subsequently being racist towards their owners.

This young Filipino speaker from the 1950s has a timeless message on prejudice

Raul Contreras

As Asian Americans continue to grapple with increasing hate during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, a Filipino teen’s message from the mid-1950s makes a crucial reminder of the problem of prejudice.

“How in the world could you have liberty and justice for all?” asked 15-year-old Raul Contreras, challenging the truth in America’s pledge of allegiance.

Hong Kong Protester Ingeniously Diffuses Tear Gas Canister With Thermos

A Hong Kong protester was recently captured on video neutralizing a tear gas canister with his thermos. The clip, which has become widespread across social media platforms, has baffled the internet. 

Since tear gas is known the world over as one of the most dreaded weapons in crowd control, the idea of simply defusing it as shown in the video has captured the imagination of many. 

Little Girl Breaks Down When She Has to Say Goodbye to Her Family Maid


A viral video showing a heartbreaking goodbye between a young girl and her family’s maid is giving a lot of netizens the feels.

The clip, which was uploaded to Facebook and has now more than 891,000 views, shows the family sending their maid off at the airport. According to World of Buzz, the maid apparently had to go back to her hometown, though it wasn’t revealed where or why she had to go. The little girl was is heard sobbing because her kakak is leaving, a term of endearment in Indonesia that can mean older sister.

Video of Asian Bride Being Abused By Husband Reveals Dark Reality of SE Asia’s Sex Trafficking

asian bride

A video of an Asian woman being physically assaulted by her husband on their wedding day has gone viral on Twitter, sparking a widespread debate on sex trafficking and domestic violence issues surrounding Asian women — particularly in Southeast Asia.

The video shows an Asian woman wearing a wedding dress feeding a man, which many Twitter users believe to be her groom, a piece of their wedding cake. When she playfully moves the dessert away from her husband’s mouth, he retaliates by slapping her across the face, making her fall backwards.

Filipino Guitarist Plays Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Using Chopsticks

Bohemian Rhapsody

A Filipino guitarist from Calamba, a city in Laguna, is gaining fame online for his cover of Queen’s masterpiece “Bohemian Rhapsody” involving chopsticks and some video editing.

Ralph Jay Triumfo, a musician from the Philippines, posted a video on his YouTube channel over the weekend where he played “Bohemian Rhapsody” using a unique style of music composition. And eating utensils.