Malaysian woman praised for defending hawker against machete-wielding men

Malaysian woman praised for defending hawker against machete-wielding menMalaysian woman praised for defending hawker against machete-wielding men
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Michelle De Pacina
January 19, 2023
A Malaysian woman received praise online after a video of her defending a male hawker against two machete-wielding men went viral on social media. 
On Tuesday, two armed men, aged 44 and 47, raided a hawker center at Taman Segar Perdana in Cheras, Malaysia, at around 9 p.m. local time. 
In the CCTV footage uploaded to FTopNews News Frontline’s Facebook page, customers can be seen running in terror as the two men brandishing parangs try to attack a male hawker wearing a blue T-shirt and a red apron.
As the men slash at the hawker, he stumbles to the ground. That is when a woman, who is believed to be the owner of a business at the center, steps in to defend the man. 
She charges at the attackers with a plastic chair. Although the men appear to try to intimidate her with their machetes, the woman is seen clinging to their arms and pleading with them to let the hawker go.
The video ends with the attackers running after the victim out of the center. 
Malaysian news outlet The Star reported that the two suspects have since been detained by the police.
The male victim reportedly suffered a broken finger and wounds to his knees. 
According to Kajang district police chief Mohd Zaid Hassan, the altercation began after one of the assailants was reprimanded by the male hawker for causing a disturbance after his drinks were delivered late.

Investigations showed that the incident started when one of the suspects was reprimanded by the victim for causing a ruckus at the restaurant due to his drinks being delivered late. One of the suspects was then instructed to leave the restaurant but he came back with another man while armed with machetes and attacked the victim.

The woman has since garnered praise online for her bravery. 
“Wow, that girl is so brave! Men are all useless,” one viewer wrote.
“The woman in black is too strong! Grabbing him so bravely, the other party pointed a knife at her. [She] is not afraid!” another person commented.    
“If you meet this proprietress in the future, you must praise her. Calm and strong,” one viewer said.    

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