‘Not my hero anymore’: Salt Bae loses super fan after brushing him off in viral video

‘Not my hero anymore’: Salt Bae loses super fan after brushing him off in viral video
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Iris Jung
January 3, 2023
A viral TikTok video captures the moment Salt Bae lost a huge fan.
In the video, Masala Bae (@masala_bhai) can be seen meeting Nusret Gökçe, also known as Salt Bae, who rose to internet fame after his seasoning showmanship went viral.

“I literally try to be just like you,” he tells Gökçe. “I’ve learned everything from you. I make my own videos just like you because you are my inspiration. You helped me make my own business.”

After Masala eagerly expresses his admiration for the famous chef and thanks him, Gökçe simply responds with a thumbs up and “enjoy.” 
Masala wrote in the video’s captions that he was “shrugged off” because he was “not famous enough for [Salt Bae].”
In the description, Masala wrote: “He hurt me 😭 not my hero anymore.”
Uploaded on Dec. 27, the video has since reached over 14.6 million views and 937,000 likes as of this writing. 
Empathizing with the young creator, TikTok users critiqued the viral seasoning sensation.
“Salt Bae only cares about [m]oney and materials,” one user wrote. 
“They say, never meet your heroes. You will regret it,” another user commented. 
Others made fun of Masala for naming Salt Bae as an inspiration.
“How can you take Salt Bae as a hero?😂😂😂,” a user asked. 
“Man said salt bae his inspiration 💀💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣,” a different user commented. 
However, in response, Masala explained, “[Salt Bae] literally started from the bottom, worked his blood sweat and tears off to get to where he is. But getting rich and famous too fast got to his head.”
In a follow-up video, Masala revealed his name change from Masala Bae to Masala Bhai, showing his departure from his past inspiration.
Masala’s encounter with Salt Bae adds to the growing controversy surrounding the Turkish internet star.
Last month, Gökçe received negative press for his antics at the World Cup final, where he was seen tugging on Lionel Messi for a photo and grabbing the prestigious trophy from soccer players.
As a result, Gökçe was preemptively banned from the U.S. Open Cup Finals.
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In recent years, Gökçe’s luxury steakhouse in London, Nusr-Et Steakhouse, was ranked as one of the city’s worst restaurants on TripAdvisor. The London restaurant, which offers a gold leaf-covered steak costing 850 pounds, is one of ​​10 located in some of the most expensive cities throughout the world.

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