Video captures Asian woman screaming as man pulls her away from Good Samaritans in California

Video captures Asian woman screaming as man pulls her away from Good Samaritans in California
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Carl Samson
January 3, 2023
A video of an Asian woman screaming while being pulled away by a white man during a confrontation with Good Samaritans has gone viral on Instagram.
The incident reportedly occurred in the parking lot of New Life Community Church in Pomona, California. Edin Alex Enamorado (@enamoradoalex_) said they were on their way home when they saw the woman getting up off the ground before “running away” from the man, whom she later identified as her husband.
The video shows the woman screaming in apparent distress while her husband pulls her away from Enamorado and his companions. 
“Please stay out of this, man,” the man says while being confronted. “I’m not gonna get away from her. This is my woman.”
Enamorado can be seen pushing the man away from the woman. The man then tells them to “Mind your own f*cking business” and threatens to sue if they continue to intervene.
The woman tells the Good Samaritans that she wants to “go home” and thanks them, but eventually decides to leave with her husband.
“This woman, she was running away from her husband. She was crying. As I got in the middle, she changed her mind, but this guy’s doing something to her,” Enamorado claims in the video. “I literally was driving by and she was running away from him, crying frantically.”
Several churchgoers then arrive at the scene to confront the man. The situation becomes physical as they attempt to block the man from getting into his car.
Enamorado then calls the man “abusive,” which the latter denies. 
“No, you’re f*cking nuts,” he tells Enamorado, before calling him and the others “a bunch of assh*les.”
The couple eventually manages to drive away, but Enamorado and his companions trailed them to a motel, where the couple were being interviewed by police responding to a report from a cashier that the woman was acting “frantically.”
Enamorado said the cops took the man’s word and left the couple alone. 
“Had he been a minority, things would have been different,” he noted.
Enamorado warned others of the man, whose identity remains unknown. Local organizations have reportedly been alerted of the incident.

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