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Singaporean man sentenced for selling videos of sex acts with women he met on Tinder

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  • Singaporean Chan Xin Kai, 23, was sentenced to 24 weeks of prison time after pleading guilty to five charges that include insulting a woman's modesty, selling obscene videos and criminal intimidation.
  • Chan recorded and photographed some of the sexual activities he had with at least 20 women from Tinder and more women he met in school without his partners’ consent.
  • Chan later sold the videos and photos of the sex acts illegally, which ended up circulating online.
  • Chan’s modus operandi involved posing as the woman in fake dating and chat app accounts and offering to sell her photos and videos to other users. He earned 160 Singapore dollars (approximately $114) from selling two sex videos featuring one of the victims to two unknown buyers.
  • He also threatened to spread nude images and videos of a separate victim if she refused to reconnect and meet with him.

A 23-year-old man in Singapore will spend about six months in jail for recording and selling videos of sex acts with his Tinder dates. 

On Sept. 12, Chan Xin Kai was given a 24-week prison sentence after pleading guilty to five charges that include insulting a woman’s modesty, selling obscene videos and criminal intimidation. The court also considered six other charges in the sentencing. 

Singaporean man who pretended to work for charity to molest women’s feet gets jail time

singapore man arrested
  • Tan Boon Hwee, 32, was sent to prison for two weeks and five days after pleading guilty to two counts of outrage of modesty on Wednesday.
  • The Singaporean man was arrested for molesting and taking pictures of women’s feet in two separate incidents from 2017 and 2019.
  • “Although the accused's outrages of modesty are less intrusive because it involves feet and not private parts, it is anything but harmless,” Deputy Public Prosecutor Chong Kee En said.
  • Tan pretended to work for a non-existent charity in 2017 and for Singapore’s People’s Association in 2019.
  • Tan was also fined 8,000 Singaporean dollars (approximately $5,876) in 2019 after being charged with five counts of outrage of modesty. He reportedly faced two counts of the same charges back in 2014.

A Singaporean man who pretended to be a charity worker so that he could molest and take pictures of women’s feet is now in jail.

Tan Boon Hwee, 32, pleaded guilty to two counts of outrage of modesty on Wednesday. He was sentenced to two weeks and five days in jail for two separate incidents that occurred in 2017 and 2019.

People are changing their Tinder locations to Japan so here are more Olympic athletes the internet can’t get over


People are setting their Tinder locations to Olympic Village in the hopes of finding love with one of the world’s top athletes. 

A TikTok trend: Kassie Yeung made headlines in May when she, a self-proclaimed “petty” ex-girlfriend, shared her 5,953-mile journey to Seoul to remove a “love lock” that she and her ex had once attached to a symbolic fence on Namsan tower. She’s now back with more antics as she sets her dating prospects on none other than the Olympic athletes.

Student Uses Snapchat Filter to Catfish Pedophile Looking for Teen Girls on Tinder

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A 20-year-old San Francisco Bay Area college student named Ethan used Snapchat’s ‘gender switch’ filter to pose as a woman on Tinder and caught a San Mateo police officer allegedly wanting to hook up.

The student went by the name of a 16-year-old female named “Esther” and said he had a female friend who was molested as a child. Seemingly moved by her story, he wanted to catch possible pedophiles.

11 Times Creeps On Tinder With Yellow Fever Got Savagely Rejected By Asians

Tinder is a magical place, one second you’re saying hello to a stranger and the next second you’re bombarded with unsolicited dick picks with zero warning. When you’re Asian, it goes a step further and dating sites become playgrounds for men and women who fetishize us for our race. Some comments are just hilariously tragic while others can be sexual and threatening, making it difficult to figure out how to reply to such vulgar messages or whether to even respond at all.

Here are some of the worst comments Asian women and men have received on Tinder and their savage responses. Take notes, ladies and gents: These may come in handy next time you encounter a creep with yellow fever because let’s be real, it doesn’t seem like they’re going away any time soon.