Woman’s Tinder Date Saves Her Life After Donating a Kidney

Woman’s Tinder Date Saves Her Life After Donating a KidneyWoman’s Tinder Date Saves Her Life After Donating a Kidney
A young woman in California not only found a boyfriend on Tinder but also a kidney to save her life.
Two years ago, Cheyenne Han Lee, 22, swiped right on Gavin Geragawa on the popular dating app and immediately hit it off when they started dating.
A few months into their relationship, however, something happened to Han Lee that would put their new bond to the test.
One day, while on a dinner date with Geragawa, Han Lee suddenly collapsed.
“When I first got Tinder, I didn’t believe that I was sick because my illness is invisible. No one else, including myself, could see that I was sick but I could feel it,” Han Lee told MailOnline.
“Most people don’t live to that point, I would have died in a few days if I didn’t go to the hospital when I did.”

According to her doctors, she had kidney failure and was operating at only 2% kidney function.
With Han Lee in need of an immediate transplant, Geragawa got tested without hesitation to check if he was a match.
“I already knew I wanted to get tested at that point, but I couldn’t really do anything for a while because there’s a process to get on the transplant list,” Geragawa was quoted as saying.
As it turned out, he was indeed a match and was able to donate his own kidney to save his new girlfriend.
Han Lee said she did not expect Geragawa’s gesture.
“I was really sick; we didn’t talk about the transplant – I just thought I was going to die,” she noted. “I never thought I would have found Gavin through this dating app, and now we are here and he’s giving me his kidney – it’s kind of crazy.”
The pair underwent a successful operation in October and both of them are now recovered and healthy.
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“When people ask the question of why I’m doing this, I tell them it’s not a question of why, but rather, how can I not? I don’t think I’m special, I think anybody in my position would do the same thing,” Geragawa said.
“Regular 22-year-olds aren’t supposed to suffer like she has – I’ll do anything to make it a little better for her.”
Geragawa says he doesn’t regret anything and would remain happy with his decision even if they end up breaking up.
“Beforehand, if she had broken up with me, I’d still do it. If she breaks up with me after, that will still be fine,” he said.
“It’s not about the relationship – it’s about giving her a good life and being healthy and happy.”
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