Asian Man Makes the Most Epic Tinder Profile Using PowerPoint

Asian Man Makes the Most Epic Tinder Profile Using PowerPoint
Heather Johnson Yu
August 15, 2017
Meet Niket Biswas.
He’s a Manager of Software Engineering at Facebook from New York and uhh… ladies, he’s single.
Niket Biswas Tinder
Like many singles, he decided to give dating apps a go. After trying several other apps, including Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel, he decided to create a Tinder profile.
Unfortunately, the dating market is pretty saturated with dozens of hot singles in your area. So, like the true engineer that he is, he decided to make his profile stand out in the best way that he knew how: adding graphs and other visuals to improve his chances at love.
“I was inspired to make this bio in order to stand out by just being myself. Online dating is like Times Square — you’re just one more homogeneous blip blending into a crowd of thousands. Eventually the hype wears off and you avoid it altogether.”
“There’s plenty of good looking people on all these dating apps and, Bradley Cooper aside, it’s really tough to stand out on photos alone. Paradox of Choice is all around us and dating is no exception. Lots of people don’t even read the text or swipe to a second picture unless you catch their attention, which I guess is what I was going for.”
“So many profiles mention the same ‘food, travel, family, engaging conversation, brunch, love to laugh’; I’ve been on and off online dating for the last 7 years and eventually people’s profiles blur together. I figured throwing up some new pics for a week was worth a shot and worst case scenario send a couple smirks to strangers swiping on the john.”
Biswas said that he was inspired to make this after a date one night.
“I’d just come home from a date at 2 a.m., fired up Keynote and was done by 4. Being an engineer at heart, I’m sure I’ve spent way longer A-B testing profile photos (Coffee Meets Bagel has a pretty great ‘Photo Lab’ where you can pit two pics against each other to get voted on by strangers) than I did making this profile. It doesn’t take long and it’s only marginally more effort than wading through your Instagram or taking duck-faced selfies — and if we all did it, I’m sure online dating would be more fun.”
Biswas says that he’s had better results since making this bio.
“Some of my friends point out I’m probably just scaring away people that think it’s weird. The way I see it, might as well weed out the folks that don’t get/appreciate it.”
“No joke though, I’ve gotten like 10x more matches overall and from generally smarter/edgier people than I did before. I guess I’ll report back when I’m not single anymore, but I went on my first date since putting it up last night and I’ll say I’m optimistic.”
“It’s easy to think it’s just a numbers game in a city like New York or San Francisco but quality never trumps quantity. At the end of the day you’re spending your life with one person. But yeah, definitely meeting more great people.”
“It’s mostly a good ice breaker, something to talk about. People are also generally more comfortable being snarky or sarcastic out the gates which I appreciate since small talk, while necessary, is vastly overrated.”
“People do appreciate the charts and testimonials the most. By the time we start chatting they already know more about me than they would with just photos, so it’s usually my turn to see what they’re about.”
Biswas says reactions to his profile have spanned the gamut between amused and eye-rolling.
“I’d say it’s about an even split between ‘that’s creative, it’s worth a shot’ and ‘don’t try so hard, just put up pics and be normal. this isn’t gonna work’ which I think is spot on. Most people think it’s silly, and yeah — it is. And my mom liked it.”
Perhaps one of the most interesting things about the profile was that Biswas had testimonials from various people in his life — including previous exes.
“It was the definitely a bit dicey for a few but it felt like a good idea at the time.”
So what would it take to charm the owner of this profile?
“I’m looking for a fellow sapio-sexual who values wit and isn’t afraid to be themselves. I’m no swimsuit model but charts, bullet points and Type-A dad jokes are my jam.”
“Dating profiles are just work resumes but instead of years of professional skills, you gotta lay out your personality in a couple pictures and 150 characters. It’s tough, and so is the constant swiping and small talk and first dates and occasional trainwreck… but it’s worth it. Dating’s the one time in our lives that you really get to spend a few intimate hours getting to know someone at a level you won’t ever again — people from all walks of life, with their own stories, quirks and dreams.”
What do you think? Would you swipe right? Let us know in the comments!
You can follow him on FaceBook and Instagram here.
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