People are changing their Tinder locations to Japan so here are more Olympic athletes the internet can’t get over

People are changing their Tinder locations to Japan so here are more Olympic athletes the internet can’t get over
Grace Kim
August 5, 2021
People are setting their Tinder locations to Olympic Village in the hopes of finding love with one of the world’s top athletes. 
A TikTok trend: Kassie Yeung made headlines in May when she, a self-proclaimed “petty” ex-girlfriend, shared her 5,953-mile journey to Seoul to remove a “love lock” that she and her ex had once attached to a symbolic fence on Namsan tower. She’s now back with more antics as she sets her dating prospects on none other than the Olympic athletes.
  • In a video posted Monday, she’s seen swiping through a new feed after setting her Tinder location to the Olympic Village in Japan.
  • Yeung isn’t the only one looking to capture a heart of gold — or silver, or bronze — as several videos following this trend have recently gone viral.
  • Yeung, however, was particularly inspired after discovering Japanese surfer Kanoa Igarashi and Korean athletes Lee Dae-hoon, Jeong Seung-won and Lee Jung-hoo.

Who others might hope to find: The Olympics has attracted a whole load of new viewers — some of whom may not even be paying attention to the events, as is the case for TikToker @anna.kimj who credits some of these athletes as her reason for watching.
  • A viral Tweet also highlights two of the Korean athletes that Yeung mentioned, with the addition of An Chang-rim (judo) and Kim Jun-ho (fencing). 

looking RESPECTFULLY at the south korean men in the olympics

— Lizz Adams (@Lizz) August 2, 2021

Here’s what we know about them:
  • A three-time world champion and Olympic gold and silver medalist in taekwondo, world No. 1 Lee Dae-hoon was knocked out of the games earlier than fans expected after being defeated by Uzbekistan’s Ulugbek Rashitov, according to NBC Olympics. He’s earned the title of World Taekwondo Male Athlete of the Year for 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018.
  • Jeong Seung-won played for South Korea’s football team, which finished fifth overall in the Games. Jeong, who’s on Daegu FC, was inspired to play after watching Park Ji-sung in the 2002 World Cup.
  • Lee Jung-hoo is an outfielder for South Korea’s baseball team, which lost to the United States in the semifinal on Thursday, earning the bronze medal. He’s nicknamed the “grandson of the wind” after his father, another professional baseball player known as “Son of the Wind.”
  • An Chang-rim won the bronze medal for South Korea in the men’s judo 73 kilograms (160.9 pounds) event. In February, he earned the Best Athlete Award at the 67th Korean Sport and Olympic Committee Sports Awards. 
  • As a member of South Korea’s fencing team, known locally as the “Avengers” team, Kim Jun-ho won gold for the country 45-26 against Italy on July 28, NextShark previously reported. After the win, he told reporters that the team had to “sacrifice our freedom and put everything into the training.”
As users have pointed out that many of these athletes are in committed relationships, one can only hope there’s more fish in the Olympic-size swimming pool. 
Featured Image via @kassieyeung (left), @seungwon_jeong (right)
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