Singaporean man sentenced for selling videos of sex acts with women he met on Tinder

Singaporean man sentenced for selling videos of sex acts with women he met on Tinder
Ryan General
September 14, 2022
A 23-year-old man in Singapore will spend about six months in jail for recording and selling videos of sex acts with his Tinder dates. 
On Sept. 12, Chan Xin Kai was given a 24-week prison sentence after pleading guilty to five charges that include insulting a woman’s modesty, selling obscene videos and criminal intimidation. The court also considered six other charges in the sentencing. 
Chan was reportedly aged between 18 and 20 when he joined Tinder around 2016 or 2017 and connected with numerous women on the dating app.
Court documents revealed that he engaged in sexual activities with at least 20 of them in addition to the other women he met in school. According to the prosecutor, Chan recorded and photographed some of these interactions without the women’s consent.
Chan later sold the videos and photos of the sex acts illegally, which ended up circulating online.
A woman, who was 18 when she met then 19-year-old Chan on Tinder in 2018, was among the victims who had a sexual relationship with him. 
Just a few months after they stopped communicating in late 2018, the victim received a photo from an unknown Instagram user. The image showed her performing a sex act.
After she filed a police report about the incident, she learned from a friend that nude photos and videos of her were being shared online.
When the woman confronted Chan, he denied knowledge of the circulating images, claiming that he deleted them before he lost his phone.
Investigators later uncovered that Chan took a total of 56 videos and 112 photos during his sexual activities with the victim. It was also revealed that he began selling the sensitive images and footage of the woman in November 2018 to earn some money. 
Chan’s modus operandi involved posing as the woman in fake dating and chat app accounts and offering to sell her photos and videos to other users. He earned 160 Singapore dollars (approximately $114) from selling two sex videos featuring the victim to two unknown buyers.
Chan admitted that he chose the victim because he was not that close to her, unlike his other partners.
He also sold images and clips of other victims and earned some 240 Singapore dollars more (approx. $170.77).
A different victim, who was 20 when she met Chan on Tinder, had sexual relations with him for five months. During that period, Chan was able to accumulate 36 nude photos and 20 sex videos featuring the victim, also without her consent.
After the victim eventually stopped meeting Chan, she received a threat on May 15, 2019, via Telegram in which he said: “Yea I have your nudes btw so u may want to reply me.”
The victim met Chan out of fear that he would circulate the images. Chan ended up not fulfilling his promise of deleting the images after the meeting.
“Filming victims in their private moments is a serious offense which warranted the updating of the Penal Code in 2019,” the prosecutor said, highlighting the impact of Chan’s actions.
She pointed out that Chan, being 18-20 around the time of the offenses, is already an adult. She also noted that the victims were identifiable in the videos. 
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