Racist White Guy Suffers Epic Meltdown After Tinder Match Doesn’t Respond Fast Enough

Racist White Guy Suffers Epic Meltdown After Tinder Match Doesn’t Respond Fast EnoughRacist White Guy Suffers Epic Meltdown After Tinder Match Doesn’t Respond Fast Enough
This post has been updated. [03-01-2017 2:35 p.m. PST]
The saying “what goes around, comes around” was clearly the case for a 24-year-old man boy from San Francisco, California.
Judging from his Tinder photo and his profile description, you might think that Nick Vedovi, who graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, must be a friendly and an overall nice guy. He even mentioned that he “comes with a dog” which could mean he’s a cool and easy going person.
However, this was not the case following Vedovi’s recent Tinder breakdown when he tried to strike up a conversation with someone. 
In the first few messages, he seemed pretty normal, even hinting that the girl should grab a drink with him. However, after the girl seemingly ignored him, his persona quickly changed:
After being ignored, Vedovi started to throw insults at the girl saying:
“Ugh you chinks are all the sameee such a waste of time, next time don’t give out your number you dumb cunt.”
But he didn’t stop there, he then taunted her by criticizing her appearance
“Ps you look like you’d melt in the heat. Wear less make up.”
The screen caps were posted by Kevin Tran, a friend of the woman, who also happens to know the offensive Tinder user.
Since Tran’s post, Vedovi has deactivated his Twitter and removed his photo from his Linkedin profile. However, cache versions of the pages still exist.
When we contacted his employer FiveStars for comment, we were told that Vedovi has not been with the company for over a month. They emphasized that his departure has nothing to do with the current issue at hand. A Facebook user also reached out to Chris Luo, the VP of Marketing at FiveStars for comment.
According to his Instagram (which has since been taken down), Vedovi is also a personal trainer.
What’s even more disturbing, is that this is allegedly not the first time Vedovi has participated in this sort of behavior.
[Update 03-01-17 2:35 p.m. PST] A Facebook post from Katie Marino alleged that Nick Vedovi has a dark past of sexual harassment.
When we reached out to Kate Marino for comment, she released the following statement:
“I only shared this as a PSA since I knew him. But I’m not trying to exploit the situation in any way. I’m just trying to make it clear that I personally do not condone this behavior and thought it deserved to be shared.”
[Update 3-1-17 6:26 p.m. PST]  Tinder has banned Nick Vedovi from using the app for life.
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