Reality Star Who Sent Racist Messages To Asian Tinder Match Now Accuses Her of ‘Blackmail’

Reality Star Who Sent Racist Messages To Asian Tinder Match Now Accuses Her of ‘Blackmail’
Editorial Staff
November 9, 2017
After being forced to apologize for sending racist messages to an Asian woman on Tinder, New Zealand reality star Andrew Jury has taken a different turn and accused the woman of “blackmail”.
Jury, who’s a star on the reality series “Married at First Sight”, sent offensive messages to Korean-Kiwi pianist Maria Mo in 2015 asking her to satisfy his “Asian fetish”.
Mo, after recognizing him while seeing Jury on the show, made the messages public in a Facebook post, prompting Jury to issue an apology, but she wasn’t having any of it.
Maria Mo
“I don’t think it was a genuine apology. I think he was caught massively off-guard and tried to deflect,” she told Stuff NZ.
The reality star also contacted Mo via Facebook message, only this time accusing her of trying to take advantage of his fame and blackmailing him. He then offered to meet her for coffee to set things straight.
Shortly after, Andrew Jury posted the following on Facebook.
“It’s mind-boggling that someone could be so clueless and ignorant. And then he tries to cover his tracks by saying he isn’t ‘a bad guy,'” Mo said.
“There are better and more flattering ways to get famous for five minutes. I could have streaked down Queen Street, for example,” she added.
“My point was to show that anything you say can come back and bite you like this, and that behaviour like this is not okay. As a society we will need to call it out as we see it.”
Source: Stuff NZ
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