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Asian Australian YouTuber stands up against casual racism during a boat show in Sydney

  • Asian Australian YouTuber John Lee, who shares fishing videos on his channel JYL Fishing TV, was recently subjected to racist insults while covering the Sydney International Boat Show in Cockle Bay.
  • In a video published on Aug. 1, he can be seen standing up to a man who tried to make a racist joke at his expense with the question “Is some ting wong?”
  • After Lee called out the man for being racist, the latter doubled down with another racial jab, saying, “Aren't you Aussie? Throw a shrimp on the barbie, mate.”
  • A woman who was with the man, who Lee claimed laughed at the man's joke, said “Matt, please shut up” before pulling him away.
  • Shortly after, security staff approached Lee’s group and told them that the woman filed a complaint and requested that they be removed from the premises.
  • Lee revealed in a separate video that the man pinched him as he was being pulled away, turning the verbal attack into a physical one.

An Asian Australian YouTuber was recently subjected to racist insults while covering an exclusive boat show in Sydney. 

John Lee, who shares fishing videos on his YouTube channel JYL Fishing TV, uploaded footage of the harassment he allegedly endured at the Sydney International Boat Show in Cockle Bay.

Sydney activist sparks outrage over ‘F*ck Xi Jinping’ sign in Asian market

  • Drew Pavlou, a 20-year-old activist running for Queensland’s Senate, incensed crowds at a shopping area in Sydney when he showed up with a “F*ck Xi Jinping” sign on Saturday.
  • Video from the daring stunt shows at least three people yelling expletives at Pavlou, who claimed that the situation had escalated to an assault.
  • Chris De Bruyne, who goes by the moniker Chriscoveries online, a protest journalist covering the scene, was put in a “bear hug” by members of the crowd, as seen in the video.
  • Pavlou said New South Wales police are planning to charge him over the incident but claimed that he still does not know what he’s being charged with.
  • The NSW Council of Civil Liberties, one of Australia’s top human rights organizations, said using the word “f*ck” in a political statement is not considered offensive.

An Australian activist running for a Senate seat in Queensland triggered chaos when he showed up with a “F*ck Xi Jinping” sign at a shopping strip in Sydney’s northwest on Saturday.

Drew Pavlou, 20, who leads the Drew Pavlou Democratic Alliance, quickly drew an angry crowd at the predominantly-Asian area, as seen in a 49-second video posted on Twitter.

Filipino fast food chain Jollibee to open first branch in Australia

Jollibee Australia
  • Filipino fast-food restaurant chain Jollibee will open its first Australian branch in Campbelltown, Sydney.
  • As of this month, an opening day is yet to be decided, but pre-construction plans are currently in progress.
  • Australia is home to over 300,000 Filipinos, and in Campbelltown, they comprise the third-largest population of residents born abroad.
  • The giant red bee will also soon make its way to new New York City locations, including Grand Central Terminal and 1500 Broadway.

Filipino fast-food restaurant chain “Jollibee” is set to open its first Australian branch in the outskirts of Sydney in Campbelltown. 

The restaurant’s development application was submitted to the Campbelltown City Council in March 2021, and its preliminary development drawings were submitted in October 2021. As of this month, pre-construction plans are currently in progress. 

64-Year-Old Asian Man Collecting Cans Receives Racist Abuse, Death Threats in Australia


A man, 50, and a woman, 51, allegedly subjected an Asian man, 64, to verbal abuse and threats on Sunday evening after finding him sifting through garbage bins in Sydney, Australia.

The first attack: The incident, which happened at Trumper Park on Hampden Street in Paddington, caught the attention of Cocoa, 25, who went over to the scene after hearing racist slurs from his car, reported 7News.

Din Tai Fung in Sydney Closes Due to Pandemic and Underpaying Employees Scandal

Din Tai Fung

A Din Tai Fung store in Sydney, Australia has become one of the recent restaurants to fold due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a “wage theft” scandal that hit the chain last year.

The restaurant confirmed its Sydney Central Park store has entered into voluntary administration — the business temporarily halts operations, and control is given to the administrator — but its other stores are still in operation, according to The Australian Financial Review.

Bystanders in Australia Reportedly Ignore Chinese Man Dying of Heart Attack Over Fear of Coronavirus


Bystanders outside a restaurant in Sydney, Australia allegedly refused to provide CPR to a Chinese man who suffered a heart attack over fears that he was carrying the deadly 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

The 60-year-old man, who has not been identified, died before paramedics arrived to finally help him outside a Masuya Suisan restaurant in the city’s Chinatown on Tuesday night.