Uncle Murders Niece’s Entire Family So He Can Keep Sexually Abusing Her as an Orphan

Uncle Murders Niece’s Entire Family So He Can Keep Sexually Abusing Her as an Orphan

March 6, 2017
Asian-Australian Brenda Lin, whose family was brutally murdered, says she was sexually abused by her uncle, Robert Xie, for two years as a teenager following the tragedy. Her uncle only later became the main suspect in the murders.
Lin, who was only 15 at the time, went on a school trip to New Caledonia in July 2009 when Xie used a “hammer-like object” to murder her dad Min “Norman” Lin, 45; her mom Yun “Lily” Lin, 43; her two brothers Henry, 12, and Terry, nine; and Lily’s sister Yun Bin “Irene” Lin, 39, according to 9 News.
In an interview on Seven Network’s Sunday Night, Lin, now in her 20s, recalled the abuse she suffered from her uncle after she lost her family.
Did your uncle Robert Xie sexually abuse you?” host Melissa Doyle asked her.
Yes he did,” Lin replied. “That’s something I’m very private about and that at this point in time I don’t feel comfortable talking about. So I hope people can respect that and respect my privacy.
Prosecutors argued Xie had killed Lin’s family because he wanted his niece all to himself and for her to live in his home.
For nearly two years the teen lived with Xie and her aunt Kathy until Xie was arrested in May 2011 and charged with the five murders.
Lin delivered a powerful speech at her uncle’s sentence hearing, describing the grief of losing her parents and how she never got to say goodbye to them.
I do not even know how to begin to express how the murder of my immediate family have impacted my life — there are not enough words to describe the pain and suffering caused me and those around me,” she said, according to the Daily Mail. “Being a prideful teenager I did not say anything to my father, I just stood there awkwardly and thought to myself ‘it is just going to be a week, I am going to see them again really soon.’
To this day, my biggest regret was not hugging (my father) and telling him I loved him, to say thank you for being an amazingly loving and caring parent,” Lin went on. “It has been seven-and-a-half years since I have lost my family. That’s seven-and-a-half years without a loving mother, seven-and-a-half years without a loving father.
Xie was found guilty of the murders in January and sentenced to five life sentences in February.
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