Thai Family Attacked With a Machete During Home Invasion in Australia

Thai Family Attacked With a Machete During Home Invasion in Australia
Carl Samson
March 4, 2021
A Thai family in Australia is searching for answers after two individuals barged into their home and attacked their 17-year-old son with a machete.
The invasion, which was caught on security videos, occurred in Bonnyrigg Heights, a suburb in Sydney’s southwest around 1:15 a.m. on Feb. 24.
The surveillance video shows the pair of masked intruders spending 10 minutes in the yard before attacking the teen’s father, who was sitting by the front door.
After hearing his father’s screams, the teen rushed out of the bathroom to help but was ultimately targeted with a machete.
The suspects both look at one of the family’s security cameras before the attack. Image Screenshots via @rvsali
The teen’s sister described the grisly encounter in a now-viral Instagram post.
“As my brother tried to reach for any weapon possible, the intruder swung at my brother’s neck, but he guarded it with his arms, resulting in severe injuries to both arms and hands. His right tendons and nerves have been damaged. They attempted to stab him through his stomach twice after making eye contact with him,” she wrote.
The suspects attack the teen’s father first. Image Screenshot via @rvsali
The intruders eventually fled the residence. A photo of the aftermath shows the family’s bathroom covered in the teen’s blood.
“For my family to experience this, it’s really traumatising. Especially for my mum. She saw everything. She saw the pool of blood that my brother sat in,” the teen’s sister told 7NEWS Australia.
The family’s bathroom was covered in the teen’s blood after the attack. Image via @rvsali
The teen received treatment at the scene before being taken to Liverpool Hospital, where he underwent surgery. His condition has reportedly improved.
“Do you remember feeding your sibling/cousin/relative or friend because they weren’t at the age to feed themselves yet? Feeding them food and drinks, holding them, rocking them to sleep to stop their unknown cries,” the teen’s sister wrote in a follow-up post. “Today I get to experience feeding him food and drinks like I once did. Except this time, painfully.”
A slide from the victim’s sister’s follow-up post. Image via @rvsali
Fairfield police say the incident was clearly a targeted attack, but the family remains clueless of reasons. The teen has no criminal history.
“I screamed and locked my door in fear … it was a really scary experience,” the teen’s sister told 9NEWS Australia.
The suspects flee the residence after the attack. Image via @rvsali
Aside from the machete, the suspects were also armed with a hammer.
“The identity of these people is unknown and we’re seeking assistance to identify who they may be and the motive for why they would have committed such an offence,” Detective Inspector Luke Scott said.
Anyone with information regarding the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 1800-333-000 or through their website.
Feature Images via @rvsali
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