64-Year-Old Asian Man Collecting Cans Receives Racist Abuse, Death Threats in Australia

64-Year-Old Asian Man Collecting Cans Receives Racist Abuse, Death Threats in Australia64-Year-Old Asian Man Collecting Cans Receives Racist Abuse, Death Threats in Australia
Ryan General
June 14, 2021
A man, 50, and a woman, 51, allegedly subjected an Asian man, 64, to verbal abuse and threats on Sunday evening after finding him sifting through garbage bins in Sydney, Australia.
The first attack: The incident, which happened at Trumper Park on Hampden Street in Paddington, caught the attention of Cocoa, 25, who went over to the scene after hearing racist slurs from his car, reported 7News.
  • “I hear someone say, ‘you’re inferior, I want to kill you, I’m going to kill you,” he shared, noting the words triggered him because he was also a victim of racism.
  • Cocoa, who happens to live nearby, said he saw a man and woman “saying every racial slur under the sun” at the Asian man.
  • According to Cocoa, the pair were venting their anger towards the Asian man because he was collecting cans from the garbage bins. The man tried to reason with the attackers, but they ignored him. 
  • At one point, the white man tried to physically attack the victim, but Cocoa got between them and was able to hold him back.
  • Cocoa told The Feed that the man then kicked the garbage bin, hitting the Asian man and causing him to fall to the ground. The agitated attackers walked off and left the Asian man alone after another elderly man showed up and calmed the situation.
Second attack: Shortly after Cocoa went home, he was forced to run out again after hearing things getting thrown and more yelling from the street.
  • The Asian man, who told Cocoa he has been an Australian citizen for 12 years, was being told by the female attacker to “get out of our suburb… go, get back to Liverpool.”
  • Cocoa’s sister captured parts of the abuse, in which the woman can be heard saying, “You don’t live here.” The man yelled, “Get the f*** out of here, do you understand? Before I kill you.”
  • According to Cocoa, the man did not fight back despite getting threatened “so many times” and was forced to leave the scene in his car shortly after.
  • “This guy was just helpless. He wasn’t fighting back. He was just trying to do his job and go home,” he added. 
NSW Police officers later confirmed they were investigating the incident, noting while they have spoken to the couple involved, the victim “declined to make a formal complaint” against them.
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