‘This is my country’: Woman filmed yelling racist insults at Sydney cafe worker

‘This is my country’: Woman filmed yelling racist insults at Sydney cafe worker
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Carl Samson
February 21, 2023
A video of a woman hurling anti-Asian rhetoric at a cafe worker in Sydney, Australia, has gone viral on social media.
The incident occurred at The Coffee Club in Top Ryde Shopping Centre, according to Daily Mail Australia.
The worker was reportedly trying to clear a table when the woman began yelling racist insults at him. 
The 12-second video only captured part of the incident, but she also allegedly accused the worker of “virus spreading.”
“Worker attempted to clear table and was met with a barrage of racist insults towards his Asian ethnicity (Chinese, virus-spreading, etc.),” wrote Reddit user earthlingjake, who first posted the video Sunday. “Pretty sad to see, especially in Sydney, Australia.”
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In the video, the woman, who is carrying luggage, can be heard yelling “[This is] my country so f*ck off, Asian! Get away you f*cking Asian! Get away you f*cking Asian!”
Toward the end, another person can be heard telling her to “calm down,” but they are also told to “f*ck off.”
Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act of 1975 makes it illegal to “do or say something in public that is reasonably likely to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate a person or group because of their race, colour, or national or ethnic origin.” The law describes such an act as “racial hatred.”
Erin Wen Ai Chew, co-founder of the Asian Australian Alliance, shared the video on Twitter using the hashtag “#StopAsianHate.” Many denounced the woman’s actions, with at least one user calling for her arrest.
“I truly hope this woman is ashamed of herself now that she is exposed,” another user wrote. “She should go back to where she comes from. Other than 1st Nation people, we all originated from somewhere else.”
“I wonder where she is from with her suitcase and all?” another questioned. “I’ve been to Top Ryde numerous times when in Sydney and it’s definitely not the place to pull the ‘racist against Asians’ bill out of the wallet.”
It is unclear whether the incident was reported to authorities. 
Scott Meneilly, CEO of Minor DKL Food Group, which oversees The Coffee Club, is reportedly aware of the “deeply upsetting incident.”
“The Coffee Club prides itself on providing a safe, comfortable, inclusive environment for all and we do not condone this type of behaviour,” Meneilly told News.com.au. “We are working closely with our team to ensure they are feeling safe and protected at all times.”
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