‘Married at First Sight’ groom compared Asian tourists to ‘animals’ in social media post

‘Married at First Sight’ groom compared Asian tourists to ‘animals’ in social media post‘Married at First Sight’ groom compared Asian tourists to ‘animals’ in social media post
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“Married at First Sight” star Harrison Boon reportedly posted anti-vaccine tirades and a racist rant against Asian tourists on social media.
Boon, 33, made his debut on the hit Channel Nine reality TV show on Monday, where he married Bronte Schofield, 28.
According to a Daily Mail report following his debut, Boon, a Sydney-based builder and part-time male stripper, posted a rant on Instagram in 2018 complaining about Asian tourists visiting the Three Sisters tourist spot in Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales, Australia.
The post read:

This place would be so majestic if it weren’t for the hordes of Asian tourists hack coughing and then spitting their lung butter onto the tourist ridden footpath below where people were posing for family photos. Unfortunately ruining the experience for me. But still. Pretty sweet views.

A friend of Boon’s commented on his post and called the Asian tourists “animals,” to which the reality TV star agreed, writing, “No way bro you too? They full act like animals aye.”
Boon reportedly limited the comment section of the post after his past racist rant was uncovered. Upon checking, however, it appears he has since removed the post from his Instagram account entirely.
Another report also uncovered Boon’s alleged anti-vaccine stance.
People who claim to know Boon personally spoke to So Dramatic after his Australian reality show debut, with one person revealing that he has been a “hardcore anti-vaxxer whose social media feed over the last few years since having his child has been a constant stream of anti-vax propaganda.”
Boon’s anti-vaccine views escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic, the source added, saying that he would openly disregard lockdown laws by allegedly uploading photos of social gatherings and refusing to wear masks.
In an August 2020 Facebook post, Boon reportedly criticized the Australian government and wrote that they are “hold[ing] us hostage until a vaccine can be mandated.” He also added, “At this point being Pro Vaccine is to be Pro Fascism.”
It is unclear if Boon has received a COVID-19 vaccine shot as the So Dramatic report noted that the production company behind “Married at First Sight,” Endemol Shine, enforced a vaccine mandate for its cast and crew during the 2022 season.

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