Woman Who Abandoned Daughter at Australian Hospital 14 Years Ago Finally Reveals Why

Woman Who Abandoned Daughter at Australian Hospital 14 Years Ago Finally Reveals Why

August 13, 2019
A woman came forward to reunite with the daughter she abandoned as a newborn at a hospital in Sydney 14 years ago.
The reunion brought together Jessica Boatwright and her biological mother, who also revealed her side of the story for the first time.
In April, Boatwright issued a plea for help in finding her mother, who left her at Liverpool Hospital in 2005.
The moment, which was caught on CCTV, made headlines at the time after authorities pleaded for the woman’s return.
Image via Instagram / @jess.boatwright
In a new interview with A Current Affair, the woman explained why she had to make the heartbreaking decision of leaving her newborn.
According to the woman, she became pregnant at 18 just after moving to Australia — and felt helpless scared.
Image via Facebook / A Current Affair
As it turned out, the woman disguised her pregnancy from her family as weight gain. She eventually gave birth in her bedroom, alone.
“At that time, I feel scared, I feel I don’t know what to do,” she said, according to 9News. “Especially if you’re pregnant, with no husband and not married and 18 at that time.”
Image via YouTube / A Current Affair
The woman then took her newborn to the emergency department of Liverpool Hospital.
But as seen in the surveillance footage, she snuck out of the hospital without the infant — a decision that since made her feel “guilty every single day.”
Image via YouTube / A Current Affair
“I ran away for 14 years. One day you have to face it no matter what,” she said.
Boatwright, who has the full support of her adoptive parents, said that their reunion has filled the “beginning” of her life. “It’s amazing to fill a hole I’ve had for 14 years.”
Image via Facebook / A Current Affair
A DNA test confirmed the match. According to the woman, her daughter has forgiven her for her actions.
“I heard the word she said — she forgives me, she loves me, no matter who I am,” her mother said. “That’s what made me stand up and say, ‘Okay, you’re my baby, I’m your mum.'”
Featured Images via Facebook / A Current Affair (Left) and YouTube / A Current Affair (Right)
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