Sydney Bus Driver Refuses to Drop Off Asian Passengers, Demands They ‘Speak English’

Sydney Bus Driver Refuses to Drop Off Asian Passengers, Demands They ‘Speak English’Sydney Bus Driver Refuses to Drop Off Asian Passengers, Demands They ‘Speak English’
Carl Samson
August 2, 2018
A bus driver in Sydney, Australia was suspended after Asian passengers accused him of racism when he refused to make a stop and demanded they speak English.
The incident occurred on the 343 bus operating in Zetland on July 29, noted.
As seen in a video, the horror started when one of the passengers pressed the stop button too early.
“Her mistake is not my problem. Get off!” the driver yelled.
However, the passengers remained on the bus and repeatedly pressed the stop button.
Moments later, the buttons stopped working.
“We need to take off, sorry. We need to stop,” a male passenger said.
But the driver ignored their call.
The passengers then approached the driver’s seat.
“Why can’t we get off?” a female passenger asked.
“Because you didn’t press the button,” the driver replied.
“I pressed it, it doesn’t work. But I don’t know why.”
“It’s not my problem.”
“No… I pressed it, it didn’t work.”
“But it worked now, you hear that.”
The driver suggested that they wait for the next stop.
“Might as well wait for the next stop. This is the next stop,” he said.
“It’s so long,” a female passenger responded in the background.
A male passenger then snapped, “This stop! You can’t do this.”
“Speak English,” the driver demanded before one replied, “Why are you talking racist?”
The bus eventually stopped and the driver forced them to get off.
“The door is that way, go,” he said. “Try the cab.”
The incident soon reached authorities, who suspended the driver for behaving “inappropriately.”
“The bus operator failed to perform his duties to the expectations and standards and State Transit takes this seriously,” chief executive Steffen Faurby told the Daily Telegraph.
“The employee has been stood down without pay pending further investigation and explanation.
“State Transit apologizes to the customers involved.
State Transit is a proud, culturally diverse organization and this behavior will not be tolerated.”
The bus driver has been subjected to disciplinary action.
Meanwhile, YouTube users commented on the video via Sydney Today:
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