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Chinese Scientists Can Now Judge Your Sleep Quality From the Way You Walk

sleep quality

A team of Chinese scientists developed a method to determine sleep quality based on a person’s manner of walking or gait. 

Zhu Tingshao and colleagues at the Institute of Psychology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that upper body parts — such as the head, neck and shoulders — said more about an individual’s lack of sleep than lower body parts like the hips and legs.

Japanese People Sleep the Least in the World, Study Says

Japan has once again topped a list of countries that sleeps the least, according to a new study by Finnish manufacturing company Polar Electro’s Japan branch.

The study compares the sleeping pattern of men and women from 28 different countries using the Polar A370 and Polar M430 model fitness trackers. The result, which shows Japan as the country that sleeps the least, according to IT Media via SoraNews24.

Nap Cafes Reveal Just How Little Sleep South Koreans Are Getting

Nazzzam Kroean Sleep Cafe

Seattle’s got nothing on the Sleepless in Seoul.

Nap cafes are becoming more and more popular in a sleepy South Korea. According to a Shinhan Card study published on June 14, the establishments are part of a quickly growing trend called “fast-healing“, wherein consumers look for relaxing experiences, such as nap cafes, massage chair parlors, and jim jil bangs (Korean spas), to fit in during their busy work day.

The Internet is Going Crazy Over This ‘Shock Clock’ That Will Zap You Awake On Time

A new startup is redesigning the alarm clock into a wearable device that literally shocks its wearers to wake them up.

The company behind the clock, Pavlok, guarantees its tested sensory input on its wearable devices can change a person’s behavior and lifestyle habits. The Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer is based on the idea of classical conditioning that Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov used on dogs to train them to reflexively respond to a stimulus.

There’s a Bus With Wi-Fi That Will Take You From L.A. to SF While You Sleep for $48

Thanks to a new startup, sleepy drivers can be snoozing while a designated driver gets them safely to their destination overnight.

The Sleepbus, founded by Tom Currier and Jonathan Tyler, offers nightly non-stop trips between Los Angeles and San Francisco for $48 each way. It can be caught at the Santa Monica Pier North parking lot and unloads at the King Caltrain, San Francisco Station.